Monday, August 31, 2009


There is a very stupid thing that people say -- everything SHOULD change with time ---

don't take me wrong - im not against those small changes which make u a better person - those big changes which induce positivity into ur fucked up life - those changes which make u luk good (:d)- those changes which undo the hurt u gave urself or others - harmless , do gooder changes , all giddy , fluffy and curled to perfection .

but there is something so peaceful about finding things the way you left them - it affords them a easy feel of prior perusal . you find them in places you had forgotten about - as long as , in not changing , they neither lose their meaning , nor their charm - NOT CHAINGING is good.

as it is evident , i no longer have a life i can look forward to - that is - im still stuck at home . i look at things which never change too much for me , and in my snug , hair not combed for days , late bath , avtaar -- i think of all those things that didn't change , that still sting where they did before --- that are snug . cutting the description , heres a list of ten things which still provide the same "old pyjamas" comfort -

1.) MUMMY KA KHANA : no matter how many days you take off , how many different cuisines you try , i thank god , my mother's magic touch is still obstinately there. her khana remains mouth wateringly yummy -- dissolving all thought i might have given earlier to losing weight. thank you mumma , aap best hon !!!!

2.) MY NET IDENTITY : i still love my pseudo identity - "PHOTOGENIC DEVIL" , it brings back memories , and reminds me of what i was . the fact that i stick with it still, proves - somewhere that part is still there - good or bad , it feels good that my 16 year old self is still there . comforting. and yes , i still say , it sounds real kewl !!!

3.) DIARY OF JANE : some songs you love till the day you die . thank god , this song never lost its charm . siddhant whenever you go for their concert -- shout from my side too.

4.) ISHA SINGH : i feel so good every time i talk to you woman -- something as good as you in this world , makes me feel - STRONGER . you take me back to the window sill, outside jagriti building where we used to sit , dangling our legs & eating good food . you remind me of those hours spent in the library , scrouging more and more L M ALCOTT books . the days we spent writing poems , and how we grew up to be so handy to the school clubs. thanks isha -- you remind me of myself , when i had more talent and was appreciated for it. you take me back to days which were if nothing else , then CALMER .

5.) MY BIBA KURTIS (the mustard and black one) : no matter how my size may vary - you always fit , and luk stunning. you pulled me out of a lot of wardrobe emergencies .muah !!

6.) ARUSHI AND HER STANDARD RESPONSES : they make me understand her so much more . thank god , even the crisis in aru's life are repetitive -- embarassment at the hands of a guy , breaking up with a guy , stalking by a guy , bitching about a girl who is a bigger wannabe , and yes how much her life sucks . her typos like - GAWD ,BIATCH - thnx for being the same comforting person through the years , the girl who told us four year elder boy (from mart) gossip , the girl who told the sexiest stories , the girl who always got stuck in shit ...... thnx for being who you are babe .

7.) MAAM SETH : it is good to know some one could believe in me to that extent .

8.) MAGGI : stagnant maggi prices since i can remember -- standard masala tastemaker - yummy stuff - NEVER EVER CHANGE !!!

9.) SIDDHANT SHARMA : uv not been in my life as long as the other stuff has been , but thnx for not changing and being the nice guy you are .thnx for always being the jerk u sumtimes are , thnx for always being positive , thnx for the gross errors u make , thnx for the weirdo u are !!!

10.) THE MOLE ON MY LEFT FOOT : you remind me, i have places to go , i have things to see ,& that i will end up on top , though life may swing me to and fro .....

THESE THINGS/PEOPLE/ THEIR PARTICULAR CHARACTERISTICS make my day --- nazar na lage inhe ---there ira , this stuff makes me go "COMFORTABLY NUMB"


Bejin Hakumei said...

Fuck nostalgia!

My name should have been in blocks and on the top!


Siddhant said...

wow ... This is so my type of a post .... the things and people that don't change .... we hold on tight to them and thats how we( atleast me) live ... you should so see naruto when you're in such a mood :p

@ point 10: yeah have to come to "videsh" eventually .....

@ me .... i make gross errors ?? ... Im misunderstood .. I'm such a gentleman ...

@ maggi .... I miss you darling... :( ... I wish I could cook you ...

@point 2: When I first met you online ... I never thought you would be like you ....

PS : I'm counting my mentions in your blogs ... ( 1..2...3... nice .. )

Anant~aka~Snarl said...

Damn you woman, where is your love for me?!
I should've been included.

Anyway, you fucking rock as always.
What is new?!

PS: I really liked it. Has your touch.
PPS: I was just trying to act wannabe cool.

**does a pelvic**


@ira : your name would be there --- but after another year , when i can decide that u are not changing !!!

on second thoughts , ur breast size refuses to grow , so ya i guess i shld add u to that list !!!!


@siddhant : lol --- i knw how to keep a man happy


@anant : u grow more irritating by the day --hence u change

like the pelvic though ....

miss u loads !!!

Sanjukta said...

Lol,some of those things do bring back memories!!
n hey,I guess I too luv dat "Diary Of Jane" song(actually luv d video more but nvm :P) n grr,what about updating the blog sumtymz?:O

I wanna see u being more regular in posting stuff!!!!


im soo soo sorrry ever since iv left for delhi internet is a luxury---- tho now that im home ill put up some stuff

Sanjukta said...

yay! :D
looking forward to that..!!!