Tuesday, May 18, 2010

love, makes the world gor ound...bah !

you know - over the past few weeks - i realised i CANNOT stand couples - the various couples i know , but am not allowed to mention here - i thought - why should two people become so sickly sweet with their relationship ? so u know - like a mixed ice cream flavour , disallowing u to savour a single flavour ??

i have girlfriends - who have suffered a very raw deal when it comes to love , i have friends who claim love is the drug - and i listen to there stories - and am mentally going on like - wat?

so wat is love ? im as romantic as the next girl you know (infact , i am as romantic as three girls put together :P) - and i am totally into these death cab songs - you know , bout finding love , i have these dreams about finding the right kind of man - of having absolutely the right kind of wrong with the right kind of wrong guy - you know -- wat i mean

iv always had very weird notions bout life - very conservative bollywood stuff - iv preferred rougish action to sensitive romance - always thought was more suited for me

so , i see all these crazy romantic movies - and i think - do i want this to happen to me ? when i cant stand relationships - then how the hell am i supposed to manage the heavier concept of love ?? how to deal with the long phonecalls (that i cant stand), the jealousies (on both sides :P), the simmering of romance , the distances , the wrong things that you end up with ?

how do you really know you are in LOVE ? and not really just another phase?

im rambling --- just feels easier to give up on love - all over again.

let's never fall in love again. if it means going all the way becoming somone nauseating for ur single girlfrends - i say in a very gay voice (:P)"SPARE ME THE HORRORRRR !!!"

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