Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tell me something , I don’t know
Look at me, so a new emotion may grow
Walk with me, talk to me
Stare at me, laugh with me
Close your eyes and pretend to understand
When I wont talk , when i no longer respond
tell me you need me , show me you love me
walk past me sometime , let me feel I have changed
do I look any different ? do I suffer any pain ?
do I say the right thing ? or I react the wrong way?
Leave me, let me be , its just another phase
For my sake , now , I hope this one stays …..


Anonymous said...

"..i hope this one stays.."
love or romance...??

you asked the question...first, anyways

P.S. thanx for stopping by my page and the words of encouragement.


a mood swing actually :|

and bout ur blog - nytime :)