Thursday, July 8, 2010


hmmm - wat is with me finding everything im reading these says so disappointing ?

Memoirs Of  a Geisha - by Arthur Golden - is a novel everyone has heard of. i finally finished it today - as i knew the ending of the novel i had been  lazy to read the last 30 pages of the novel . it is interesting indeed - meaningful and actually  does illuminate one bout the unknown asian past - but  if i were to look at it as a love story  - i would not find it as romantic as most people do.

the girl is skilled and exploited prostitute - she falls in love with an older man - guiding her through this is a much more interesting character called NOBU - she ends up with her love interest not with nobu.

i find the chairman a very weak character - it is almost despicable that all these married men are allowed to cumilatively exploit several women - while espousing false ideals of traditions - if sayuri had ended up with nobu , i think it would have made me happier.

it has all the traits of a bestseller - the woman's plight - who is astonishingly beautiful - falls in love with a handsome man , learns to love the hard way but ultimately finds a sort of happiness .with war , japan's great history , song dance routines and sex

though ,i do not agree with the read - and it will not feature on my favourite books list - it nevertheless has some very interesting characters - like sayuri's sister , the okiya keepers , mameha to name a few

one should read it though - it is a layman's best option to know about the elluding history of geisha's and their magical world

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