Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Update

a good friend reminded me today that i have been ignoring my blog now that i am back in delhi - i think , she is very bored and wants the confirmation of my boredom - hence , asks for a blog update.

now a blog update is a difficult thing - it must be funny , or sensitive - it must be making a poignant remark on some thing stupid  , or maybe you could tell an incident that made your draw generalised conclusions about the world, or you could be abstract and show how cool you are  - it must atleast be readeable. or you know you could just ramble about being bored or somthing , but that is belittleing the spirit of the blog update

that is pressure i say !!

now i could tell you about a million things that dont/should happen to me - if i could just think of a particular thing worth the serious business of my blog - or i could start by writing about a movie , a book , or some new song i EXPERIENCED.

or the cynical me - could make fun of someone - yes that sounds appealing right now .
a blog update should not be this big a deal - or else , you are forever scared of being or rather not being  interesting , funny or cynical - a blog should be a blog and people should enjoy the banality of the written material - if they dont , then let them come up with something !


would it hurt if i could just exist a mindless puddle , with no saving graces in this highly judgemental world ?
who would i let down and who would i give the satrisfaction of being right about me.

im rambling now 



Arushi said...

Somehow, this is one of the cutest posts I've read. :)
It sounds like a little conversation with yourself. :)
And I love the last few lines.

And a blog is meant for rambling about your thoughts, and this exactly what you've done. :)

Arushi. :)


oh but how i must ramble in an intelligent way - this blogging is serious business i say !!