Sunday, October 24, 2010


i think friendship is a social construct , which forces people to do things for others that they really shouldnt be doing.

i mean , as a friend , i have certain responsibilities which i must undertake , or else , i am deemed to be called a bad friend - my problem is , i do so many things that your other friends dont do , and so many things that ur frends do and i dont do - why dont u mark the difference ?

it causes pain everyday - when you waste ur time and energy doing things which you could have not done , when it is not returned by your friends , when by some stupid frivolous gesture your friends alienate you .

so i have decided - to have no friends now :)

i want to meet people and be good to them - i would rather not have relationships of any sort , apart from the ones god made , by blood.

friendship is so disappointing at times - and the worst thing about friends is , they are never there when they should be there , and they alwas judge you , and they always disappoint you. i am sure , i as a friend do the same things -- it is this understanding which has made me realise , i do not want the so called close friends anymore. whats the use ? you will disappoint me , and i am sure i will too.

concentrating selfishly on myself now - living as a good person , who does not form barriers of too stifling familiarity - this is the new me ,

p.s. maybe when i am in a better less disgruntled mood , i will feel like explaining this , i feel like changing the way i feel right now - maybe , maybe not.

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