Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gone with the Wind

Somethings are just so beautiful that even someone who can translate everything into words cannot describe them. Gone with the wind - its almost as something fills me warmth to the very tips of my toes – it is probably one of the best made movies ,and the greatness of the book is uncontested.

When things seem to go very wrong for me , when i lose hope in all that i believed was good , when men are particularly nasty and women pointedly bitchy, when mothers don’t want to know why i have been crying , when the pg aunty wouldn’t let me go out for a night out , when i am very broke , when i am sore , when i don’t believe in love anymore , when the rain just wont stop , when the summer just wont end , when a friend would just never call , when my old pair of jeans wont fit , when every car would splash muddy dirty ecky water only on me , when i am down with flu – then i think of Gone with the Wind , and somewhere , somehow things seem better.

When i kiss you , an unexpectedly well done term paper, a brilliant street play performance, a nice day of getting high, finally being able to download some obscure song or movie , when a good looking guy hits on me , when there are millions of books to read , when someone treats me for giani’s , when suddenly a bitchy girl apologises , when my parents are particularly proud of me – then also , Gone with the Wind seems to work just fine .

when nothing seems to go right,when romance seems dead ,when music is nolonger melodious, when movies lose their color, when men are no longer handsome and good , when women no longer fair or vain , when the world stops to make sense -i watch GONE WITH THE WIND - and though all seems lost , you alone , of all things are so beautiful that i cherish all that will and has to be called now and forever -GONE WITH THE WIND

i will love you, forever as passionately as i did when i first read you , as crazily when i first saw you - as a memory of the childhood that has gone with the wind

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


sidspacewalker said...

i feel the same way for naruto :p
and what about Saathiyaa??

Arushi said...

Lovely post, Devika.. :)
Even I LOVE the book and the movie.. :)
Hugs.. :)


@siddhant : lol , saathiya is a good movie - but nothing , compares to the greatness of GONE WITH THE WIND - noty even mocking bird , not even anything u cna ever hope to see
@arushi : :) -