Thursday, October 28, 2010


it is the purest and more intense of anything you can feel - it is infact the most powerful feeling one can experience .

one might even go as far to call it , the most individual of all feelings - if you really hate someone , you have a very personal reason for doing so - or else , you're just one of those people who can hate everyone and everything .(who are geniuses , are exceptions )
hatred , is very much feared by everyone around the hater - crude forms of self abdication are often piled onto the hater - the hater , is described as being  bitter , frustated and  crude - a hater makes everyone around him uncomfortable .
they say , hate is a destructive feeling - and most importantly self destructive at that - i want to know why , would one call hate so - it fills you with resoltion , it fills you with a sense of clarity ,where all that matters is the hate , the revenge -

so why should one , not want to hate , everything and everyone violently ? why should hate not be the end all and be all of life - because , when opposed to the placidity of emotions like happiness and love , we can  see that hate is actually an emotion which will make you care immensely about things you do hate - it makes you feel so driven to distraction that it holds you , solidly in your own realm of your thoughts - how can such a mind then, accept the drudgery of a creative finish ? how can then - a mind so full of hate , want to give up the growing engulfing emotion that fills it  that seems to carry it in the world ?

hate - i say  i like . i like to hate things , and i like to hate people. i like to hate the environment and i like to defend the reasons why i hate something - for hate , unlike love is not twisted - it is a linear emotion , with a sense of purpose , a sense of true self seeking justice - it will lead you to believe in yourself , and it will lead to self confidence , it will eliminate dilemma , it will screen for you the things you really do want in your life - and it will leave you with the closest person who can truly love you ( the way love should be understood)- you.

hate will plight those whom you do not hate - i think , it is the exclusion that they feel. they then , want to employ the second purest of all feelings - pain , to feel their existence in you realm. they , will employ the subsideries of pain - disappointment and dispair , to feel closer to your "convulated" and more importantly , personal space - the one created by hate.

you learn to live in the now - when you hate . and you are made aware of your existence by the pain that will accompany hate .

so then, why so scared so afraid of the two purest and most beautiful emotions then ? why do you , convulate their absract beauty by trying to live throught the comfortable drudgery you call life - why ?

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