Tuesday, October 5, 2010

mind over groin

the little boy , pulled up his shorts as he wiped his right hand on the clean white muslin hankerchief his mother had lovingly attached with a safety pin to the left breastpocket of his school uniform . He was 11 years old.

the girl he had been spying at could'nt have been older than 10 - yet she had breasts .  little knobbly things they were , yet such was their mystic power that they could send shivers down his little weenie .

he was a good little brahmin boy - every tuesday evening you would find him lost in a  crowd of vermillion streaked foreheads at the hanuman temple - praying for strength , promising brahmacharya (or celibacy) - he would  follow his father , holding the very last end of his father's dangling thread of worship ,  slung across his naked torso.

he still had his hair parted sideways , and had not yet started listening to rock music , or blindly following into the steps oh his slightly older and far more rebellious brother whom his parents had given  up on -  as a lost cause ,for he had been rumoured to have visited dirty websites on the computer and had been known to  cut class to watch "Striptease" in some shady cinema hall of the very hindu , the very religious city of Benaras . after particualrly violent arguments doctor sahib's wife would cry in his arms (in the respectable sexless way she was supposed to behave after having been blessed with two sons - that was all her claim on her man's penis , and anyway she was too wrapped up in the nutritional needs of the men of her family to ever crave sex. she was a brahmin , born and brought up to lead an example to other sex crazed women who were typically born in lower castes - her saris were tasteful only on family functions, her hair regularly oiled and her ornaments ostensibly austere.) that it had to be the influence of his early influence to channels like MTV.

but her little boy , oh ,  his JANIYO (a man's coming of age - religious coming of age ceremony) had to be performed as soon as panditji would give them the right date .

so why was this 11 year old boy , who might as well have been castrated to the people he lived with , masturbating ? how did he even know how to do that ? his friends had been carefully hand picked by his parents , his society manufactured with the very children who were younger siblings to disappointing elder children - he had been moulded into religion since before he could remember - he had been kept as innocent as possible , denying him television all together , taught by the strictest of conformist teacehrs -- how did he learn to reach into his pants and give it a little doink every now and then ? how did he become so unscrupulous to spy on little girls with little bee pecked breasts ? how did he become so sexual after all of everyone's efforts to protect him from desanitizing the holiest of aspirations his entire world had envisaged for him ?

and how were children this young , even with every sort of protection from unnecesary "western" influence growing sexually lethal ??

maybe , there were radiations in the air -  power waves coursing through every child of every age - wanting to make them socially sick , perverted and hypocritical. maybe , we cannot find anyone to blame any more.

maybe , years of  religious and moral hedgemony will now be avenged by making children grow up too soon - maybe , we will again need to establish child marriages , if we have to protect unsuspecting sexual objects from both privation and exploitation -- maybe , sex is going to have its revenge.

or maybe , we could just keep our hands glued to our groins -- maybe we could give up false notions of love and romance - maybe , every pair of breast now is only to excite that walking of the dog , by every kid on the block - maybe , even sexual attraction is namesake - for even sexual objects have lost the particular charecteristics they earlier required to arouse sexual interest .

what are we going to do now -- ??? and how are we going to save face ?

p.s.: written after a day of reading Judy Blume's - Are You There God ? Its Me, Margaret . and  Then Maybe , I Won't . --  two little books  on a little girl and a little boy dealing with their individual sexuality and various other issues. interesting reads .


Udita said...

hmm its been very well written and nice like it...


i dont like ur response :|

but still thnx :P

Anonymous said...

loved it. want to read jude blume. the aricle is really nice:)

Arushi said...

Very very well written, Devika. :)

And you are so right.
We should all just accept each other, or for that matter even ourselves as sexual beings. Life would be so much easier then.
If 'sex' and anything related to it weren't such a taboo thing, things would have been so much less complicated. And such questions or dilemmas wouldn't have cropped up.
Don't you think?

Arushi said...

PS: I'm doing Journalism, not Economics. :P

hugs.. :)


@isha : ill beat u to pulp ! u deleted a perfectly good story !

@arushi : oh the horror !!! no wonder i was so confused !!!

Keira Chen said...

Well well well...

Since time immemorial men had been masturbating. Boys had been masturbating. It doesn't take any influence to get them to do so, and it's purely biological, so says Keira, an ex-biology student (and damn proud of it).

Days ago I was just pondering whether "love" is an illusion, a means to the end (sex).

Then again, it might not be so, for there is love of mother and father, and love of friends. There could well be love between a man and a woman.

Your last paragraphs of maybes... Ahha, allow a co-ed girl who has had tons of ex boyfriends and flings to add - maybe, you're thinking too much.

well-written, lady!



what i meant was , that he is very young to be sneaking up on girls and doing it - and that the girl he is sneaking up on has developed sexual organs very early.

i never questioned the bilogical concerns of human sexuality -

i am more concerned with the fact , that the boy was living two such contrasting lives , where he couldnt be pictured in either.

still thnx for dropping by :)

Bejin Hakumei said...

I found it a tad bit overdone.

PS: I can't appreciate your work even if I want to cause I am so J! X'D


i forgive you :)

Nishant Gupta said...

this is so awesome :D..... iv gt nuttin else to say..... it is just so pleqasing to read:D


:d baniya !

Keira Chen said...

Then again, many live split lives, don't you agree? Your commenter here might very well be a nymphomaniac.

What is indeed puzzling is the facade that humans give, an untainted, disciplined nature. Could he not be pictured into either? There always is a secret corner in every human's heart.

And yes, sexual organs developed at a young age is pretty scary a phenomena.

Maybe the westerners who embrace sex are truer to themselves, as compared to the conservative Asians. Or, maybe the Asians are truer to themselves by considering everything else before sex.

Ahha, good takeaway. I'll write a blog on this. =P soon.


im glad to have "inspired " you :))