Friday, October 15, 2010

random crazy things about me :)

i am all out of ideas for a blog post - nd as  i will be in delhi in another two days , i think my blog is going to be ignored like the poor baby always is - so here are some really random things about me , some secret , some not so - :

1.) my favourite font on ms word is comic sans - i never put my work in any other font , it reminds me of the way maam seth used to write on the black board , like beautiful little rounde chubby letters .

2.) i love typing in caps - i like the order and neatness of letters in capital . i only type in small letters when i am very upset , angry or confused - or am trying to change the way i have always been .

3.) i talk really loudly , and to whisper is very difficult for me .

4.) i have an immense love for books and would consider my life very well spent if i could spend it reading books .

5.) when i write something particularly good ,i get a huge writers block after that - that is why i stopped writing on my first blog. i felt the three stories i put up on it were brilliant and i could just not come up with nything of that sort for the longest time (and i still can't)

6.) i really believe in the brilliance of my friends - and even some girls who are not really my friends .

7.) academic excellence is an excellent to have - when i get it that is. i love to do well on tests . exams are a different thing, somehow.

8.) i love to talk - painfully so!

9.) i hate talking to boys on the phone - i think , they are so boring and lack teh ability to make interesting conversation . i love chatting with them though !! specially some guys , are just so brilliant when you make them think what they have to say next.

10.) i think a guy with strong arms and a nice straight nose is hugely turning on.

11.) i am creeped out by really bad acne - i am not proud of this , but somehow i am .

12.) i love to dramatise my dislike for people - its so nice to feel so intensely about things.

13.) i believe whole heartedly that i cannot love another person with the intensity that most can - i regret this though , it must be nice to have that chemistry.

14.) i think flirting is amazing - relationships boring and sex must be awesome :|

15.) i love watching movies - on my laptop and in the underpriced pvrs of lucknow.

16.) i hate dressing up - except the times when i like it.

17.) i love make up - though im too lazy to wear it everyday .

18.) i am majorly freaked by white maruti vans - due to the fact that most of the kidnappings in movies happen in these vans .

19.) i am fascinated with writing about morbidity , and i think i should ahve outgrown it by now but i havnt.

20 .) i love to discover new music and new bands - i think it is very enriching.

21.) there is nothing better than lucknow street food and my mumma's khana/

22.) i love coffee dates -  i love coffee, i love  interesting conversation and if u start getting bored you can always bolt :P

23.) i am creeped out by guys wearing pink - i think it is our colour and should be left forus :)

24.) i think TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD  is one of the best books to be written ever.

25.) i think so many things in life are overrated - sometimes, includin awesome music bands/

26.) i want to be strong enough as the strongest of men , yet somehow retain the very feminity of a bharatnatyam dancer .

27.) i think our dance soc girls are super hot !

28.)  i think i suffer from teh most violent mood swings - they suck . but they are so importatnt too !!

29.) i would love to be able to play the guitar, but if i cant , i am fascinated with those who can :)

30.) i love to update my blog - but mostly i feel the posts are such a sorry excuse for a blog post. i would like to write better.


Anonymous said...

interesting read:)))


arnt u nice now ?

Arushi said...

Nice one, Devika...
I am so going to steal this when I get a writer's block! =P
Damn! Then you'll know when I do get a writer's block!.. :S
Anyway, 4, 5, 22, 29 and 30... I feel the EXACT same way! O.o


arushi :hello - ur blog updates are always very well though out - i love them !!!


sidspacewalker said...

i can teach you how to play .... actually ... i dont know when ill meet you next ... so teaching guitar somewhere else would be a more viable option ... =_=


siddhant : u will now wont u ? thank you :))
i havnt heard u play ever !! except when u start irritating us by playing ur guitar on skype --

shut the fuck up - ur going to come home soon !!