Monday, November 15, 2010


Sometimes  life becomes a blank - your mind is so riddled with so many things that it is almost a relief when everything becomes blurry ; it is almost a if you are too tired to even dream a dream.

Those are the days I like the best. Confusion , you are the one who loves me the most. You keep trying to reach out to hold my hand  and be forever by my side . You keep coming back to me , not minding at all that all I want to do is banish you from my life . You exist like my shadow , keeping me cool in summers and warm in winters. You are my figurative idea of a perfect lover. You are so strong and determined and stubbornly refuse to let me push you out of my life. They tell me you make me weak , whereas I think you make me weaker . You keep me in a perfect toss, always flustered , always posing a challenge that I want to work out , forever ensuring my status with you as a damsel in distress. You never let my mind get bored, forever putting dark deeds like suicidal tendencies there. You are so charming that you get me to do things I never should do otherwise. You mar my impulses , letting me be a more impulsive albeit more foolish person. You are my adventure I say !

Confounding ? Confounded , confusion compounded. One of these days , when I am older and not so good anymore , I think you will leave me for a prettier , more simplistic soul . I shall then replace you , by your closest competition - DEPRESSION.

p.s. I think I am travelling backwards in the art of writing a blog - getting worse, with practice.


Arushi said...

You're crazy, Devika! You're NOT getting worse AT ALL!
I think this is sheer poetry, to say the least. :)
And yeah, for the record, I'm saving a copy of this in my inbox. It's that brilliant!
How DO you manage to write so well?
WOW! :)
Hugs.. :)


i just went an wrote an equally flattering (more true, because u actually are brilliant) on your blog.

i think , it is going to be a mutual appreciation society :)

thankfully , all ur blog post , are in my in bozx - and i keep them under a label of arushi's blog :P

thnx love -- thnx for reading it :))
lots of love

Arushi said...

Loads and loads of love and hugs back to you.. :)
I like our mutual appreciation society! ;)

And i like your blog better.. :)
(No more arguments on that :P)

PS: Is there any way i can subscribe to your blog? So that I can have all of your posts in my inbox.


working on it.
will have to go and look up weird blogspot applications :P

and i love u <3

Arushi said...

Love you toooo... :D
Bear Hugs.. :D