Friday, November 26, 2010


It’s a brain thing – mentally, all of us are ravishing and strong and passionate and “good” in bed – real life however complicates things. In Your fantasies, the two sets of breathing lungs are always controlled – never gusty , or worse long drawn sighs – in your dreams, you moan with pleasure at the thoughts which if done to u in reality , would make you probably giggle .

The body never tickles, when you are dreaming and the entire notion of squeamishness that we actually associate with sex – is done away with. The opposite sex always ensures an unending and deep passion in you, which, as we know might not happen in reality.

Sex is a wonderful thing – in dreams. There, problems like birth control, vagina tears and smelly sheets never arise. Sex, becomes, another of those things that set life in perfect motion – romance , is already established , passion already a given. Real life , sex and love making become complex things – for you will not be sure about your body , you will worry about privacy and worse , nine out of ten cases , your mind will make it seem better than it actually was.

Random sexual encounters, will worry u of having begotten a child , or worse, AIDS. Hot women, might just have unsightly moles and hot men may just have the least impressive appendages. The thrill that dissecting a fantasy can give you , reality will never afford. So do we now say , that wishful thinking and the myriad varieties of porn are now the level of romance that god affords the rest of us in our lives ? or do we wait for fanciful things to happen . that will never happen to us ? horror of all horrors – your romance , can now be found within vibrators, dildos, and a regular yank for men now (do not have extensive knowledge on what men do).

Sex , then, with one person – becomes a good thing. You both know, each others faults and failings, and can work with them. A man , bad at sex , becomes the world’s biggest potent threat that must be exterminated – for he leaves, woman after woman unsatisfied. In such a world , where every bit of force fed romance may end in rape or atleast fears of rape , aids, heartbreak – monogamy , rules the roost . it becomes a compromise , and the most enjoyable sex ul ever have, to work with ppl who know where you tickle, who know your erogenous zones. The stranger in the barn , hotel , theatre, restaurant, never turns out to be good in bed, or you never get to check him, thinking that he probably has venereal diseases.

Why , do I pin the bane of the UNSEXY on men ? for , I believe , that , if a woman is bad at arousing a man , who is traditionally good at sex – he will not have sex with her. And if he does, he is trying to give her a good time , being charitable and hence , ultimately embalming his own ego. Alternatively , if a woman is good at sex – or “arousing” then , well , isn’t the entire point of a man good at sex , “doing” such a woman ?

Then how do we cure, this fatal disease that has hit the earth ? men who cannot kiss us lowly women , cannot “teach” and improve us mediocre ones ? who cannot satisfy us lustful ones ? who will cause us to fake , love and orgasms both ? do we read kamasutra to babies ? do we put them in sex coaching classes ? do we invest in good sex toys, that the child may have some practice on ?

Just saying…….


Arushi said...

And again, I LOVE this post.
It's amazing how you've brought out a paradox which EVERYONE (sometimes even unknowingly) internally faces.
Seriously awesome post, Devika.. :)
Hugs.. :)

sex toys said...

Sex brings so much fun and excitement! But there are really people which have been abusing it..


@arushi : my blog missed u :))

@sex toys : thank you for dropping by -- unusually attractive display name :p


@sex toys : just checked out ur page-- thnx for giving em the link to ur webstie, i will make good use of it :))

Sanjukta said...

haha quite enlighting post..somehow u always end up writing about unusual stuff :P n hmn,reality can sometimes be as good as fantasy too..just saying :P

P.S: I reaaaally like your sex coaching class idea!


jayee ?? are there things that u need to tell me about now huh ??

where do u disappear ???

Sanjukta said...

haha u are totally awesome! we 'll talk someday soon :)

had exams going on but back now, so felt like reading all the posts that I missed & am glad that I did <3