Sunday, December 18, 2011


If there ever was a truly brilliant actor never to get an Oscar and adequate media attention, it is Edward Norton. His movies have a refreshingquality about them , generally dark and disturbing but packing in them doses of trademark Norton humour. I haven’t seen a lot of his movies, despite making an effort to go through his entire filmography . A Norton movie cannot disappoint you. He will not disappoint you. His versatility , his good looks , his prowess as a method-actor make him one of Hollywood’s finest.
1.) PRIMAL FEAR : He debuted in this courtroom drama in 1996 with the established Richard Gere playing the suave , corrupt lawyer. The movie to a present day viewer will seem predictable but Norton marks his brilliance with his very first film. He was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor for this movie which he deserved to win in my opinion. Gere is thrown off balance by this 30 sumthing actor palying a 19 year old and pulling it off . Rating : 6.5/ 10
2.) EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU : Saw this one a long time ago and do not particularly remember anything extraordinary about this one. Only Norton shines through a hazy memory. Rating : 6/10 3.) AMERICAN HISTORY X : If you havn’t seen this movie you are clearly missing something. Norton in his revamped avtar is absolutely BRILLIANT. It cannot be stressed enough how much I like this movie. Poignant , different and you get to see Norton as a skinhead ! It must also be mentioned that he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for this one. Which he lost again much to my dismay. Rating : 10/10
4.) FIGHT CLUB :This one everyone has seen. Norton is brilliant and so is Brad Pitt. Pitt truly shines in this movie as being more than a pretty boy. Norton is brilliant as the nameless narrator and plays the conflicted , fragmented selves of his character with perfection. The movie has been his claim to fame and media attention. It is, I daresay better than the book . Rating : 9/10
5.) 25TH HOUR : One of my absolute favorite movies. It is depressing , and morbid and useless some people would say. It does not boast the psychological complexity as its predecessor did. The movie however, is sheer poetry. Nortons 10 minute long Fuck You speech is the most beautiful piece of dialogue iv ever come across. My personal favourite. It is a MUST WATCH. Rating : 11/10
6.) THE ITALIAN JOB : Ha ha , this ones funny. I love Norton as the villain and the movie will definitely enjoyed by anyone who sees it. Mark Wahlberg pales in comparison next to Norton but then everyone does . Rating : 6/10 7.) THE ILLUSIONIST: Beautiful and again sheer poetry. Credit must be given to the cinematographer but Norton is absolutely marvelous as the Illusionist. There are no paralles that can be drawn to Norton as the sensitive , romantic artist and the ending is just delightful. Recommended for Romantics. Rating : 7/10
8.) THE PAINTED VEIL : One of the best period dramas I have ever seen . Its absolutely brilliant and Naomi Watts perfectly complements the slightly awkward, very shy lover that Norton is. You will fall in love with his character in the course of the movie just as Watts. One of my favorites again and I think its better than the book and Greta Garbo original movie . Rating: 8/10 Norton is a remarkable celebrity to read about. He is forever at odds with his status and apparently commuted only via Subway. Thats saying something for a Superstar !! His dating history is FLAWED – He dated Courtney Love (same girl who Kurt Cobain knocked up)!!!!! He is one mt absolute favourite actors and as soon as im finished watching more of his movies I will definitely review them her e. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU , IF NOTHING WATCH AMERICAN HISTORY X and 25TH HOUR ! He is seriously much more than the INCREDIBLE HULK .

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This time i did not write anything after my Birthday. I didn't want the age to register i guess. Nothing special happened. There were no stories , no scandals, no momentous 'happenings' to record. It was a wholesome birthday - and who ever wants that ? I had decided - I will act with all the maturity my 21 years have allowed my body to percolate and enjoy everything that is done for me . I was excited - excited for the sole reason that it was my BIRTHDAY ; Somehow, somewhere that excitement worked its magic making people feel towards me , and i ended up having an amazing day. So there - you really do affect others around you. Your excitement can be infectious and make others love you for being so darn interested. I learnt something this year. A NEW year is around the corner - things will again be though of , resolutions made , life will be crappy all over again. I am at yet another 'deciding' phase in my life - Graduation is almost up. No , it wasn't as amazing as school was - it wasn't less either. it was just it and it will be missed. I want to now know where im going. Anymore. Life never takes me where i want to go and i end up being happy nevertheless. Who cares what i do right. Crap crap crap. Its all bullshit now.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sometimes , when you try to sound smart and interesting and pray oh so god that the boy from Milan who reads your blog finally sends you an email , you end up sounding really dumb. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

There is something in the air, that tells me Im going to bleed.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

 Dont you love her as she's walking out the door ?
Like she did one thousand times before ?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teenage Wasteland

Every once in a while, you are going to realize how worthless you really are. The things you JUST HAD to do which you prostituted for a random episode of some sitcom which you at this point are going to argue just does not matter.

You go through others words , and others diaries and others blogs finding people , descriptions , even lives you wanted to live at times.

There is a constant longing for things gone past , because you are done with wanting "new fun things" at the moment. You want the world to close in on you and seal you from knowing things you dont know.

Epiphanic while this moment may be - change is not what it will bring. You will release this sharp pointed arrow of cynicism into the blogosphere and one day your diary will be read by someone else - the peeping toms we . The voyeurist collective.

When the world is one osmotic process of every person's need for a secret permeation into others worlds , why do we crave originality , sincerity and difference? As SN would say "Because you are all so entrenched in capatalist vocabulary."

There is no need for abstraction anymore - I am grounded in my material base and the need to "define" my dilemmas comes straight out of my pseudo english student identity. Drat !
p.s. title - The extremely popular song by the band THE WHO

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Ram Ramming Hostel

After two years of grudging hostlers the close proximity to college, their ridiculously low rent , and making fun of them for saying things like "it's so difficult to get up for class" when they have to wake up 20 minutes before class( if they take a bath ), or just come and sit for it without taking a bath - I decided that the Delhi heat can be faced when you get to be part of this super cheap , super accessible style of community living. After usual fights with cab-wallahs, and being nearly dead by moving around so much luggage I ended up having quite a memorable first day - so I decided it needs to be recorded before the experience is normalized for me.

1.) You need local guardians for lots and lots of signatures and when your lg looks younger than you, lets just say its not exactly perfect.

2.) The mess bhaiyas are like vultures - swooping in and snatching the plate away from your hand as soon as you have picked up the last remnant of food from it - it hasn't reached your mouth yet, as he takes the vestiges of food that are meant to be seen , bonded with and then hated. But no, the bhaiyas are faster than landlords introducing hidden fees as soon as the contract has been signed in taking those plates.

3.) Every body eats crazy fast - they come in large numbers, thronging into the mess, find their spot, rattle off while eating at top speed and bolt. Their is no bonding with the food at all. Perhaps that is why , after dinner they (Being 300 - 1 girl ) , the beautiful smart women of LSR , move to the gardens to match that extremely energetic activity of eating with more vigorous walks, saying all the while things like "the breeze must be enjoyed." Now I know why I am the only fat person in this place , because it took me 20 minutes to eat and then I sat another 10 minutes feeling satiated and glowing with the warm , tasty food in my stomach. I LIKE TO ENJOY MY MEALS.

4.) Because, everybody is thin and super beautiful - at every corner , there are hidden floor length mirrors - so all that you learnt about deceptive dressing is gone for a toss when a hidden mirror puts that much hidden and deceptively dressed bit of fat, right in front of your eyes, almost magnified.

5.) There are bells for food - they feed you every three hours , and you rush to the mess like Armageddon hit space. You miss 'TEA' and you are judged for being crazy and trying to diet by the beautiful , fast eating girls who swear by the awesomeness of tea as a meal.

6.) You wave wildly at someone in the mess and then stupid friends tell you to not embarass yourself infront of juniors :

7.) Your friends teach you about how mommy like you are in wanting to buy adrak and nimbu from SHANI BAZAAR and then call you kiddish for running in the corridor - I tell you these women have it all worked out.

8.) MY FIRST POTTY : You stealthily grab your dettol handwash and try to be unseen in that long walk to the loos . You have just about made it when someone yells "HI DEVIKA !" . You see someone behind you also clutching that infernal bottle of dettol and making their way to the loo. You stop by the washbasins , trying to act like oh , no I don't potty! My excretory processes do not involve things coming out of orifices. The girl is a seasoned hostler she moves on, uncaring . So you go find a stall and get ready to excrete . Then you squat - what side should you face, why should it be so difficult for an Indian to use an Indian seat ? You try to turn on the tap , the water makes a loud , vehemently wicked thundering gurgle so that the entire Deluxe corridor knows that Devika went to Potty. You turn off the tap , waiting , poising , posing all the while - and there is no potty. Then you hear another door slam and your body tells you fuck it - "I NEED THIS SHIT !" and then , you lose your potty innocence - you can drop a dump at demand , your issues be damned .

9.) People : they are nice . People know you and you know them - you yell - "194 - DELUXE, VISIT as soon as I'm set" - most don't care you are not set , they come anyway and give you their two cents about how you should set your room , as they lounge around seeing you work and laughing at you for buying so many baskets . You are happy , happy in the knowledge that we live in this make believe world all of our own - where we can invite people we like , see them laugh, hear them talk and live with their annoying presence. The people, I tell you I liked the best.

10.) You can race your luggage trolley in the corridors and nobody says a thing. Its my favourite sport- I can win the olympic gold for it.

11.) Sapna Kaushik has the biggest room in the entire hostel - but because I love her, I will not plot to get the room from her, I shall just crib about the said largeness of her room.

12.) Overpriced cafe or not it sure is nice to know it is there, except Sundays, to save you from the times when you just cant take hostel food - I've had three meals , and I don't hate them yet, but nobody swipes the plate from beneath your nose in the cafe and I am happy to know that I can take a break from race eating :))

13.) Because you are a hostler , and go to Nescafe late late in the evening , they use their 25 Rs cup and make you a double coffee when you ask for it :)))

14.) There are too many leave slips to be signed :((((

15.) There is a giant tree that I can see from both my windows and I am happy about it. Lots of trees we plant, we smart girls , yes we do !

These are some of the many quirks of the womanly residence hall, where we crib , live, gossip and function as independent and at the same time world-ed by all that is around us . We do it , LSR STYLE :))

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Feel the hotness !! My childhood (and still throbbingly alive) crush !
"What did you call  me ?"

Jack: I fear no man.
Scottsman: Oh, that's some tough talk from someone who wears a basket on his head

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Its generally seen as a very disempowering state of mind. The corporate MBA -types of this world are going to tell you - never doubt, or atleast feign self-assurance. They don’t want doubters , they want self confident pricks who will convince the undecided swayable mob that the rest of us are into buying things, into supporting ideas because we all shun doubt , we want to be free of the constant bickering inside our head that tells us we are small people, smallness in its ugliest outgrowth , smallness that is going to keep us heaven gazing at larger bigger people with disdain. This doubt must be pushed into the inner crevices of your brain and be treated as an unhealthy aberration.

Every idea , was born out of a doubt . Doubters may as well be called thinkers. Even self- doubt would be good for us - we wouldn’t assume that we are just so important to live - we wouldn’t kill baby elephants and species of flowers won't be wiped out of existence. Doubt - is good. It holds that morbid fantasy we have to torture those weaker than us - it is necrophilia at its best. It needs to be bred- as a hobby , a certain taste must be developed for this poison - We could do without our trademark human attribute of cockiness. WE NEED TO DOUBT THE VERY IMPORTANCE OF WHATEVER THE HELL WE ARE DOING HERE. Life should not be burdened with useless self-assuring meaning , and we don’t need therapists to move us into happier places where “We BELIEVE”. Everything needs to be brought down to its existential bare minimum for it darn straight doesn’t matter and there is death and ugliness and sexual assault everywhere.

Why don’t you glorify your smallness then ? To be able to doubt , and live in that self destructive , debilitating self loathing that is going to make us what we all ultimately are - inconsequential creatures who have like the USA taken far more than they deserve and now must pay its price.

Bursts your happy helping balloon doesn’t it ? Describes your basal morbid quotient doesn’t it ? Are you going to tell me that I can do things , be strong and be powerful ? Will you ? In this world of inconsequentialities and blurred boundaries do me a favour and keep your certainties to yourself - I have to right to feel as small and minute as i am.

“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls

Its a mixed up, muddled up, shooked up world , except for Lola ” – The Kinks

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


1.) ET : Oh lord !! This movie is like a sob fest for me. But when ET gets up and says "ET going home !!" i actually cant breathe im crying so hard. That alien gets me all the time . Iv seen this movie n number of times but i still have horribily swollen eyes every time i watch it.

2.) TERMS OF ENDEARMENT : I called up my mother at 1 in the night the first time i saw this one. I strongly urge everyone to not see this movie, even though its an amazing film and one of my favourites because its just so darn sad .

3.) TITANIC : When Jack , that beautiful beautiful man falls frozen into the depths of the ocean the amount i cry is not funny. Titanic is an amazing movie , and i will always love it and nobody can stop me from loving this film.
4.) SAVING PRIVATE RYAN : Really ? Do we seriously need to see Tom Hanks die ? And that scene where the mother gets the three telegrams ? This is one movie i pause every time minutes and actually take double the time to watch it - EVERY FUCKING TIME.

5.) DEAD POETS' SOCIETY : When Robbie Williams is leaving and the boys all get up and stand on the desk to say "Oh Captain! My Captain!" Waterworks every fucking time i see it - even if i just catch that little scene of the movie.

6.) TAARE ZAMEEN PAR : the moments are uncountable the number of times iv cried in this movie. Every time Darsheel Safari is crying , im sitting and sobbing with him .

7.) CHANGELING : SHE NEVER FINDS HER KID !!! How can someone not cry in this movie ?

8.) LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL : He dies even though everybody else in his family lives !! Anyway movies about the Jewish Holocaust are ANYWAY ALWAYS so sad , but this one, lord! its a complete sob story.
9.) THE BLIND SIDE : When he says he's never had a bed, Bulluck isnt the only one crying !! I LOVE THIS MOVIE.


10.) MASOOM : have u seen Jugal Hansraj here ? You cry with him , all through the movie.

There are a lot of other movies where i am sitting and sobbing (And no i dont cry in all movies i dare anyone to say i do !!) but these are the first ten that came to my mind . I suggest, not to watch these movies at all - they make me very sad, but they are all brilliant movies !!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy and Working Girl

I saw two amazing movies this weekend - Driving Miss Daisy and Working Girl. Its been good going back to the 80's .

Driving Miss Daisy - is BRILLIANT. I dont need to say it , because it won the Best Movie Oscar alongwith a couple of others. Morgan Freeman is brilliant as usual. Such an empowering clean movie about friendships , real friendships which dont necessarily ask you to change yourself but to do the best you can in your own capacity. It talks about the apartheid, about anti- semitism in the american society in such a toned down manner that you are indignant with history itself.

The most brilliant aspect of the movie is Miss Daisy. She is so adorable in her old school moderation and timidity. You will fall in love with her . How she battles old age , loneliness and a world changed around her makes up her brilliant character. The extreme positivity which she has adopted towards all changes in her life make her such a strong amazing female character. She is definitely one of my favourite women characters - so feminine , so honest and so strong. JESSICA TANDY IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!! Morgan Freeman too is amazing but tandy steals the show completely . Booley , Miss Daisy's son too is adorable .

My Rating : 9/10 - only because the dialogue is a little difficult to follow and you definitely need a very set of very very good headphones which i dont possess. MUST WATCH.

Working Girl - very different , but equally popular movie.Allows you to dream , find love and be beautiful in a very Pretty Woman fashion. A wholesome film - not the brilliance that the earlier reviewed movie is , but still a perfectly good film to watch.

Harrison Ford is extremely loveable as Jack Tanner and Melanie Griffith is very much that scared ambitious (but fortunately extremely good looking) girl that all of us have been at some time ,or for some time. Feel good kick start your journey into Women centric cinema

My Rating : 6.5/10 - Should watch , if only to feel a sense of positivity and the 80's innocence with garish hair makes it an adorable watch.

Monday, August 15, 2011


“Bittersweet memories, that is all I’m taking with me “ – Whitney Houston

Things die and things change – feelings mutate into more amicable and livable forms – the bursting points that are penned into journals rarely ever happen. We get distracted – by a song , a movie , a piece of chocolate cake.

When you are made to reflect upon this inherent evolvebility of emotion in your life (for lack of anything better to do or your new need to self-actualize) you feel a peevish sense of foolishness for all the times you thought you would “JUST DIE !!” you’re not going to die, not for a long time and not of any so romantic a cause. You are going to live to have many more such moments and feel “GROWN UP” after having your boredom-epiphanies.

Hearts break and they set themselves right all on their own. Feelings evolve into better social acceptability – games, tricks and revenge plots don’t matter anymore. You scoff at the earlier passions which tormented you till you got distracted and were all healed up.

One day, you’ll find yourself in a group of people that do not matter, ceased to matter long ago and had only existed because you felt , you were going to die if you realized that they did not matter anymore. Life happened while you were convinced you were stuck, done for – forever.

Soon an auto will honk, you will break free from your reverie and laugh – free and knowing that you will not go through the mind numbing cycle of possibilities and what ifs the next time you end up with this group of people – they changed, and so did you and all that remains is that perfect memory of your happiness with them which remains untarnished by your “growth” and their distancing from your life.

It all boils down to memories – so don’t fret over all that he destroyed when you felt he changed , or you changed because in that moment you are creating that innocent whim in your head which will refuse to pop down when his name comes into your head. And that is his and your composite reality.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Little Women and this Little Woman

I love this book ! It has to be one of the first books i ever read - and i will never forget Jo .

LM Alcott, was a GENIUS writer . There is no other word for her - though this book has afforded her literary historical significance, my friend , Isha and I helped by our batty school librarian developed a lifelong fondness for all her books. For those of you , who actually enjoy beautifully written english novels like Little Women and The Anne of Green Gables series , I am BEGGING YOU to read An Old Fashioned Girl , if only for my sake. If you like it , then come back and ill let you in on such treats that your head will be swimming in such simple heartfelt stories which despite their critiqued "inherent morality" leave you so satitated you won't need another book for a couple of days.

But , I digress . Just caught the 1949 movie version of the book on TCM - several changes , but brilliantly done movie. I cried for Beth as i always do , and I came back and googled Laurie ( very good looking man !) , and it brought back memories and through the dialogues, i was placing them under chapter titles.

Disappointing in cutting out the famous kiss between Jo and Professor - that little kiss under the unmbrella (iconographic FYI ) , meant the world to me . Even Laurie , is a little underplayed in the movie - for his role is mercilessly cut out. Amy is nasty - which was'nt quite all that true , but Taylor has done a fine job of whatever she was given.

Little Women - aah , you smell of Loreto corridors, and shine like our pleated blue skirts . You take me back to those days , when balls and slippers disassociated from being merely a cinderella fancy but graduated into friendship , love and scorched dresses. I mourn for you now , as you lie unopened in some corner of this world, where children will read useless science fiction and not long for Jo to fall in love with Laurie, or yearn for a "bashful neighbour". You have coloured my life in myriad ways - for men to tie their fingers to the ends of my apron strings, to try and be good , to love and to always yearn to be a better you and finally coming home. Thank you . I promise you - if I ever have daughters , or even if I have sons , you will be one of the first books i would want them to read - in my childhood world of Robinson Crusoe and Tom Sawyer - you showed me how much of a woman I could be , Jo , but did'nt really need to be right away. You are beautiful...

"Jo March: He's dull as powder, Meg. Can't you at least marry someone amusing? "

"Jo March: Well, of course Aunt March prefers Amy over me. Why shouldn't she? I'm ugly and awkward and I always say the wrong things. I fly around throwing away perfectly good marriage proposals. I love our home, but I'm just so fitful and I can't stand being here! I'm sorry, I'm sorry Marmee. There's just something really wrong with me. I want to change, but I - I can't. And I just know I'll never fit in anywhere. "

"Jo: If only I could be like father and crave violence and go to war and stand up to the lions of injustice. "

The best of us have a spice of perversity in us, especially when we are young and in love."

Laurie: I've loved you ever since I've known you, Jo, couldn't help it, you've been so good to me. I've tried to show it, but you wouldn't let me; no I'm going to make you hear, and give me an answer, for I can't go on so any longer."

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Young, The Beautiful & The Dead

 So , i just picked up the morning paper , and to my horror of horrors found a tiny little excerpt talking of Jonathan Rhys Meyers attempt at ODing himself to death.

Jonathan , probably , it was after seeing him , that the word "aquiline" (for that oh-so -pretty nose) was even invented , is trying to kill himself. I am so in love with him , that not only did i ditch Tom Cruise for swooning for him MI3 but I have that Hugo Boss advertisement that he did , and watch with the zealous enthusiasm of a world cup cricket match. YOU , CANNOT DIE !! YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME !

WHY ? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME ? Why do people who define masculine beauty for me are hell bent on leaving this world ? Am i not entitled to even dream of ever meeting them ? This gorgeous, gorgeous man , why does he want to take his life ? Who is fucking up his life ? And why wont God do anything ? I am still trying to recuperate from Heath Ledger's death and look at this beautiful motherfucker trying to kill himself.

I know celebrity life comes with its own pressures and there are innumerable reasons which can completely justify wanting to kill yourself - but Jonathan , my lovely epitome of beauty hold on - we need beautiful people like you , to live atleast for the next 20 years - if not more. You cannot take yourself away from worshippers like me. Infact, when i first read Plato's discourse on Love , i thought of you , as the epitome of that ABSOLUTE BEAUTY which , in me , your lover would revive the aspirations to reunite with the divine.

Our Father in Heaven - I am begging you to kill off someone ugly in the industry - why not those three ugly dwarf brothers who keep pulling off cheap stunts ? Or maybe someone i really hate like Ben Stiller , if you must have blood - but please , whatever is bothering this gorgeous man's ass , very sincerely , i am praying , please rid him of his worries, and give him a huge huge break - You will do so many of us a huge favour.

This reverie has got me thinking - and here is a list of ten gorgeous men who died way before they should have :

 1.) James Dean (24) : so he didn't commit suicide , but died tragically in a car accident. This gorgeous man , though dead , managed to leave an indelible impression on Hollywood. It is unbelievable , that though so young , and only three films old , he is regarded one of the best actors ever to hit the silver screen. Also , James Franco and James Dean bear an uncanny resemblance not only in looks but also , whenever Franco decides to strike the melancholic pose that Dean perfected. Rebel without a cause is one of my favourite movies, and it is what it is because of Dean. It is unbelievable how good a coming of age can actually be if you get yourself a James Dean.

His death , has been mourned by one and all and considered one of the greatest tragedies in the celebrity world.

Don McLean's MISS AMERICAN PIE - has a heart rending reference to his death :
"When the jester sang for the king and queen, In a coat he borrowed from James Dean .And a voice that came from you and me "

2.) Heath Ledger (28) : OD'ed . Probably one of the most brilliant actors of his generation, his death came as a sudden shock to everybody. I love Heath Ledger !!! Not only was he a brilliant actor but his personality is so charming that you cannot but love him. Unconventional , but one of the most good looking men , I have ever seen.

His sword buckling tricks in Casanova , or be it his bod boy turned soft potrayal in Ten things I hate about You - his versatility is amazing. This dude was super super cute even when he was gay. His portrayal of THE JOKER is better even than Jack Nicholson's (and i am the hugest fan of Nicholson - in fact, even though he is well into his seventies , i still don't mind being his groupie !) and i have never seen a hotter knight - but why did he have to die ?

I still haven't gotten over his death. He is one helluva brilliant man to have died so young.
I will hate Michelle Williams till the day i die for having procreated with him - I know i will.

3.) Kurt Cobain (27) : Drug abuse . I don't even have the heart to say anything about his death. He made smoking look cool - unfortunately , he died too . According to me , he was much better looking a man than a musician , but even his music is pretty darn good. If only he'd have stayed clean!!

4.) Jim Morrison (27) : Drug abuse yet again - what a waste !! The Doors is one of my favourite band , and boy Morrison looked the part. In fact , when i think of Jesus , i think of Morrison , such a beautiful man to have died so young -

"Hello, I love you , won't you tell me your name ?"
I am sure, wherever he is , he is making the queen of the angel's smile - hell, she is one stinking bitch if she is not smiling when he is in front of her. Also, one of the very few white men who can pull of an untrimmed shaggy beard with complete elan.

5.) Che Guevara (39) : If there should be a revolutionary he should look like Che. One of my friends, once commented with great disdain , about "Che Bikinis " - i don't know how exactly I'm poised regarding his policies and ideologies , but with that Cuban cigar he is one really really good looking man.

Its a shame though , when people who don't even know that he was Cuban wear his Tshirts - that's honestly a real waste. Not exactly as young as the others, i still say he deserved to live much longer !

6.) Sid Vicious (21) OD'ed like all them good looking buggers. One of my favourite bands of all time - I think, Vicious was awesome ! So young , and so tragically dead. Definitely very very good looking boy , who certainly deserved to live a lot more .

Imagine , we would actually have had more than 13 SEX PISTOLS songs then - not to say he was the creative genius behind the band , but hell, he certainly was the star !

7.) Jeff Buckley (30) : Hallelujah is all i remember of his songs , but such an extremely good looking man ! He drowned in the river ! I cannot believe it - its always the same , the good looking Jack goes down with the Titanic, while Rose and her evil ex-fiance live long to regale tales of his looks.

Gorgeous is the word for him - reminds me of fragility , angelic beauty even . Its a real shame.

8.) Bob Marley (36) : A ROCK STAR if there ever was one - and probably one of the most innovative and chilled out musicians I have ever heard. His songs , always make me happy, just as the weed which he publicised to the entire world.

All the women cry, Marley, because of your untimely death - I never though dreadlocks could be this sexy !!

He died of sickness, so i guess that's some consolation that he didn't quite take his life but a real visionary musician to meet death at a young age.

9.) Jimi Hendrix (27) : This is one amazingly sexy man - who again OD'ed - it is sad the amount of deaths caused because of drug abuse or overdose.

His music , his immense talent and god his guitar - they all put him as the sexiest musician ever !

Hendrix , deserved longer to get people "Experienced" his way !

   10.) River Phoenix (23) : drug abuse again .One extremely good looking man and not without promise - i hav'nt seen a lot of his work , but a couple of movies that i have seen showed a lot of promise. It is sad that he died - he was talented and oh my lord ever so good looking !


**Elvis Presley (40) : I JUST COULDN'T RESIST PUTTING HIM IN !! He taught the world to Rock N Roll - and if he ever looked at me and begged for mercy , he would have gotten a whole life's worth !!

Sexy man - you lived longer than a lot of the others, but i still think , you could have lived more, for "I've been so lonely baby, i could die !" without you .

Though by the time he died, he was no longer his original good looking self , i still wished he hadn't gotten sick in the first place and schmoozed the world with his music longer.

This another very very long post , but i think, in my little way, Jonathan Rhys Meyers - i am trying to tell you , that you are very talented and please please dont kill yourself, you extremely good looking British man !!