Saturday, January 15, 2011

a song to sing.

i want to make you hear the song i just heard . you must put aside everything you're doing and clear your head of whatever you're thinking. YOU MUST.
i am going to sing the tune a little bit for you, while i wait for the music player to ready itself to play the song - i am going to run you through the lyrics where my heart halted while i stop mid-sentence and tell you to just listen to it yourself.

as you hear the song, i know you can feel me looking - almost glaring down at your face, waiting for it to form into familiar expressions of liking  i will, try to lure you into this sensorial world, where i will suddenly start humming the lyric which i must have really wanted you to listen.

you're confused , almost scared by the intensity with which the entire activity is being programmed. your mind, will resolutely tell you to rebel and not like the song  but you're scared , of being made to listen to the song ten million times again, for you know i will not rest till you do me the justice of liking the song.

the song, amidst all this - has been forgotten.
it was never about the song after all, it was about knowing that you will like what i like - and you will ultimately start liking the song, for you know i like it - you will listen to the song and pause and wonder at the beauty of the song, and find the one reason you particularly like it for.

and that , would form the connection between you and me - for, we will always talk about that song , that i liked and you liked too - both of us smug in the knowledge of our common expertise of that song.
everything melts - the words , the sounds and the music - all that remains was the connection that was forged.


sidspacewalker said...

This is AWESOME. SO true .


thank you :))

Sami said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Devika. I'll try to update it more often :)


yugasha said...

cud totalli relate to it!!!!!!!!!!!


@sami :i love your blog and you know it !

@yugasha : thank you :))