Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As in accordance with my new year resolution , i have to read atleast a 100 books. These are desperate times, ever since i joined my english degree, all my reading has been limited to my course reading or worse, some chic lit when thoroughly depressed with literature.

To be honest - this is the first book i read by murakami.Had heard a lot about him though . The title curiously enough intrigued me. if it was'nt a well kown author like murakami , i would have ignored the book for another of those weird sex/love stories.

The book boasted of talking about a lesbian relationship - another downer , but as i read the book , i fell in love with his style. the book talks about two people who love to read, and who love to write - and there are some beautiful words in the book. if not a huge favourite, it definitely is an enjoyable read, in a way few books are these days. it talks about huge abstract notions of dreams, of words , of thoughts and of love . if nothing else, then it intrigues you about this amazing man , who writes amazingly beautiful words , and makes you want to read more.

at one point , where the author validates the title of the book , he talks about how lonely almost everybody is - and how , we each look at the moon , you from somewhere and i from somewhere we are together .

So that's how we live our lives. No matter how deep and fatal the loss, no matter how important the thing that's stolen from us - that's snatched right out of our hands - even if we are left completely changed people with only the outer layer of skin from before, we continue to play out our lives this way, in silence. We draw ever nearer to our allotted span of time, bidding it farewell as it trails off behind. Repeating, often adroitly, the endless deeds of the everyday. Leaving behind a feeling of immeasurable emptiness.

i told you , there are beautiful things in that book including the lead female character's name - sumiere ... aaah , i am naming a baby sumiere soon !!

another one  would be :

"My head is like some ridiculous barn packed full of stuff I want to write about," she said. "Images, scenes, snatches of words ... in my mind they're all glowing, all alive. Write! they shout at me. A great new story is about to be born - I can feel it. It'll transport me to some brand-new place. Problem is, once I sit at my desk and put them all down on paper, I realize something vital is missing. It doesn't crystallize - no crystals, just pebbles. And I'm not transported anywhere."

as a book , i would rate it a 6.5/10 . a definite read for those , who like me are taken up by romantic beautiful ideas.

there are a lot of bizarre incidents in the book, if you do not tinge them with that faithful idealistic notion of romance -- like how we all live as halves , and not necessarily the better halves - it is actually a really beautiful book.

But Sputnik Sweetheart is a story that ends before the novel does -- mainly because this version of the escape-hatch idea is too blunt to be persuasive. People don't vanish through wormholes in the cosmic fabric, no matter how much we might fear or wish they do." - Michael Harris, The Los Angeles Times

i will also add this link , to anyone who wants a better and more detailed review :


p.s have started on LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA -- am just into the first thirty pages of the book, but i am definitely waiting for that peace and quiet where i can devour the amazing book.

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