Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am home :)) after a very long time , i am home for what counts as a decent time to be home - unfortunately this is the preparation leave :(

but anyway , moving on from that totally unconnected issue - I AM HOME !!

it feels so nice to actually use a keyboard again - like a proper monitor , keyboard , mouse , all joined by wires.
and the food - yummm !!!

just popped in here , to write as well , i slept way too much in the afternoon and there is no way i am going to be able to sleep before 4 -
i had been so good with my blog recently - even if they were all useless posts, i wa still posting stuff ..damn , i can never maintain a good habbit.

ADAM LEVINE is the hottest man i have ever seen , sing such high notes !!!
he is so hot - i am sure , he aces our throw your bra and panties at him in a concert list .
ok maybe he doesnt top it , but ill throw them anyway - even if i managed to lay my hands on VS i would still throw them on him to be dusted away by some poor old man with his broom - thats how how he is !

will spend my night , buffering all maroon 5 videos - :)) happy happy day :)

p.s. MIKE POSNER - is the latest addition to my wall of shame -  the wall being things i should not like (not the man , but the songs he sings)  but i like :|
the best of us have faults, who am i to complain ?

take care people - anyone who still reads this crap nyway.

 look for the girl with the broken smile , ask her ifshe wants to stay awhile ...

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