Monday, April 4, 2011


you never stayed ... you never came , whenever i waited. I wanted to tell myself, it was'nt fair , it was'nt right that whenever I was up waiting for you , you refused to ring the bell, refused to call. Whenever i wanted to talk , you pretended you had a cold , bad reception , low battery or were just unavailable.

I want to ask you today, why do you always leave just before i arrive ? Where do you go off to while  I am waiting for you ?

Why do we never meet ? on diverging roads, intermingling , intersecting lives we lead - yet, like an ill-fated omen , i can never read you.

today also , i waited, i waited long after you had left. you never looked back, never lingered , never knowing that i would come. i am not going to come after this, i tell my computer, i tell the song i am listening to , while i wait - knowing , that this never coagulating mystery of ours that will bring me back, waiting , staring , all the time never meeting.

i think, you and i , were meant to disappear, into each others memories,of imperfect features, for its been so long since we had actually first met. it is all an idea now , it never really existed .

it is'nt you i wait for then, it is that something, that imperfect memory made perfect by the long wait, by the time i had on my hands to nuance it, to sketch it out , that i seek. and you are right - i will pass you on the street, looking for you , but i wont recognize you ,for it is not you i want to meet - it is me.

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