Friday, April 8, 2011


everybody loves scrubs - that is , everybody who enjoys great TV.

I finally finished watching the last episode of the eighth season - i had never seen the eighth season before, and i am just a tad bit sad , that its over - yes , i cannot stand to watch them just as professors or whatever they are turned into in the ninth season.

the fantasy where , izzy and sam announce to turk and JD that they are getting married brought tears to my eyes.

it would be brilliant , if my college friends could stick with me for the rest of my life the way these guys did. if only life was a sitcom.

hell, i have seen the best of friends drift apart on the stupidest things. but i have always tried to fight for a friendship - yes , i am one of those people who have a giant sized ego and who are crazy enough to sabotage their relationships , but i really , do go after those friends , that the heart yearns for when they are not around. if anyone knows about this , my blog does , so many times have i come here and ranted about various peer stuff, hoping that somebody is scamming , reading and clearing the air between us.

that day farnaaz and i were talking ,and we decided regardless of the religion issue , (she is a muslim, where i am a brahmin) our kids were getting married - if only to keep each other in our lives.

i love this show - and i really think , its one of the most original things ever put up on tv and definitely one of the funniest.

i am going to miss you scrubs - specially you JD :))

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