Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The boy who was scared of bras.

A lot of times i have written about a certain number of my guy-friends here , and bitched about them , painted them as horrendous hearltess criminals (which they are) but i have never taken names :P

This post is to chronicle , my deep love for pranjal - which i know he will do something really soon to destroy. So this post will remind me why exactly , we were friends in the first place.

Now he is a really funny guy - you can scare the shit out of him by saying the words bra , or panties to him ; he is not homosexual , though that would have really made life simple - he is just a sweet little guy who gets really embarassed when these words are connected to his completely asexual understanding of a girl-friend. Like me torturing him by reminding him , I DO have boobs was excruciatingly funny.

This is a useless post , with no other meaning , apart from telling the world , or vacant cyberspace , that pranjal is scared of bras.


p.s. on telling one of my girls about his bra-phobia , even the knowledge of his 5 year relationship could not bail him out of homosexuality or other worse things such as him being afraid of sex.

Who knows? who knows anything at all.
p.p.s. this is shy pranjal refusing to get his picture clicked. i have better ones , but i thought this suited him well.
p.p.p.s. if this gets back to you pj , in no way am i mocking your manhood , or lack of it thereof. i am just suggesting , that you are scared of bras - or atleast the knowledge or any talk of my bra , and that is amazing ammo to blast you with :)))

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