Thursday, May 26, 2011

Break Up

Revenge always comes with a sense of bitter fulfillment. A relationship never ends amicably, and if it does it always harbours the possibility of a revenge subplot. Today after a particularly vicious revenge plan was launched on one of my closest friends by a perfection of a man (whom I had personally declared the perfect boyfriend) we got to discussing, how you would rather have a relationship end - would you like there to be an amicable parting (or the friendly exes) OR would you fight bitterly , and put your real reproach in real utterable words?

We have all had break ups - they are never happy. That said , however, someone is always more hurt and someone always moves on faster. So why are we so afraid to say what we really feel? Things will never be the same so why dont we destroy the possibility of there ever again being a "thing" between the two of you ? When we dont talk , are we trying to save face or is it our dark side taking over , plotting a worse way to take revenge ? Is it our fear of humiliating emotional outbursts or is it that terrible , destructive need to get even ?

I for one , would rather have someone come and tell me to my face why exactly I have been a bitch to him , and how and when i broke his heart. it would be better than trying to hold onto the withered threads of the dying , poisonous thing that my relationship had become. Also , it is easier to hate someone in peace, once both of you have been equally horrible to each other and levelled the playfield. It will put an end to needless guilt trips , sympathy dates and pity phone calls.

So the next time , account for your real feelings and say what you have to say. Snuff out the last remains of the poisonous reed that a relationship with an ex really is . Steer clear of the evil path that heartbreak is sure to lead you onto. fight, be angry , throw tantrums but say what you really feel , without trying to keep things bottled up, burning , seething with anger.

SAY IT , DONT SAVOUR IT, Sadism will never do you good - you will do both of yourselves a favour .

p.s. this happened to me on the day i heard the perfect love story. LIFE IS UNFAIR.


Arushi Garg said...

There isn't always so much resentment to breaking up (I hope).


hmm.. my queen of long distance - maybe not for you .
but i have seen things around me , and people do shit to get back at each other .
by people - here i mean men .
and also
<3 <3
inspite of the crap that the fucker put my friend through yesterday , i still believe in all good things :))))

Sanjukta said...

I love your blog. Especially on days, when I read something u wrote that I have been thinking about myself. [weird phrasing of words but I hope it made sense!]


@jayee: Dude - you and i have a karmic connection - you will not believe , though yesterday , i took this advice. i sent my ex a huge long ass email and what i got back has perpetually shocked me.
you know my ex- so you can understand that it would be difficult for me to ever get shocked at anything that happens. oh and his present gf reads my blog - so i dont really want to say much , you never know if she even reads the comments.

BUT GIRL - WHAT IS THIS ?? are u in a rough patch with your adorable boyfriend ? or is he not adorable then ?
this is my id -
please add me on gtalk - WE NEED TO TALK.

P.S. i still didnt manage to get a fight out of him - he is being resolutely polite. but atleast , its out of my system, so trust me , just go ahead and say what you want to - its not worth the wait.

Sanjukta said...

Now am all curious..and yes,I'll add u soon <333

And nopes, present bfs are always adorable's the ex-es who turn ohh-not-so-adorable later. ughh
Anyway, this post made me feel better about some things so just thought I would mention it :)



adorable huh ? not sexy , amazing in bed , but adorable ??
jayee , jayee , jayee - u little minx !

Anonymous said...

Every story has 2 sides to it. Maybe the bitch had it coming?


Maybe. But then would'nt have it been better to fight say whatever you want to right when you were breaking up - why let it fester ?