Tuesday, May 3, 2011

'if i just stay here , would you stay with me and just forget them all ?'

there is always an emo pop music lover in you. no matter how much you try to curb it - and tell it to die ! it does not !


sidspacewalker said...

snow patrol is always good, what are you talking about .. :p

Arushi said...

snow patrols is not as pop as you would think they are :)


@siddhant aka i am an authority on good music : arnt you the one who once told me , that THE BEATLES were actually just a mill of the run band - who had so many good songs , because they darn well sang so many ?? i remember , because it caused me to choke on my mc aloo tikki burger :o. that was one of the worst things i have ever heard that have been spewed from your mouth. including - that shrek is a stupid movie about ogres :|

and please - for you switchfoot , is the height of great music .
that aside - i merely meant , that in general i am listening to a lot of music i wouldnt be caught dead listening to - including , this song called 'bow chika wow wow' by a terribily handsome bald guy.
and i agree - chasing cars is not poppy. but snow patrol - well lets just say they do feature as an emo/pop band atleast for me :))

@arushi : hello dear girl :) i have no clue which arushi you really are , because the three i know rarely comment here , so if you are a new person thank you.
like i clarified above to my beatles hater friend - i was talking more in general , though sno patrol isnt really the definition of rock you know.
thank you for commenting :)

sidspacewalker said...

i don't hate the beatles ... I just don't like them as much as other bands ... and yes .. beatles were a machine gun of songs ... 5 out of the 1500 were good ... my favorite ever english song is from the beatles though .. so .. yeah ..
and switchfoot is my favorite band .. but i never said it is the height of music ...
and snow patrol is alternative rock..


@sharmaji : i did not say you hate the beatles - i just said what u reiterated.
and excuse me - just coz u like 5 songs does not mean , that they sang only 5 good songs. i have never been disappointed by a beatles song. ever.
probably it is safe to say, that every fifth song is a masterpiece - though i am sure, probably every third song is one.

and alternative rock - is not rock . excuse me - i think i came across a song by madonna of fuckin britney spears once which was labelled as alt rock.
not to say , that snow patrol is not a good band - but they are not rock .
linkin- fucking park , is alt rock , and how rocking are they ? are they not teenage angsty stuff , taht we all get into when we are like 15 , or 16 - and then grow up ?
very much like fountainhead , if not exactly like it.

and let me rephrase - when i say , you say switchfoot is the hr of great music , i meant what u elaborated , as they are your favourite band , you must definitely think that their music is great - so in your personal definition of music , they are the ht of greatness.

hence. i stand completely validated in my earlier comment.