Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love and other forms of Death

We got to thinking about the romance killer that cynicism really is , when I launched into this debate about "silly girls" in love with a friend of mine .

It is important to mention - that this friend has just been admitted to Kings College , London , so all this talk of encounters with hot men gains several grounds of validification.

I gave her an example , that if you were'nt "silly" in love , it would be impossible for you to really ever "fall" in love. Sure , we are all able, intelligent women , where atleast a good 30 % of us are too cynical for own good. Yet we choose to ignore those tell tale signs of a deteriorating relationship , rather than weeding out the said problem.

The example was this - imagine , you are on a plane , being an attractive kashmiri girl , the chances of a hot man reciprocating are very high (this girl has been described as a BOMB ) , now you find this amazing wine drinking , dashing , suave, guy and you two hit it off completely . You decide, I am ready for sex , and this guy is the one I want to do it with. HE , his holy horniness complies, and you find the right place and strike the right mood . But - here the cynic in you , would ring warning bells of things as him being HIV positive - and you decide that hot torrid sex is not worth getting Aids. You give the guy a wrong number , and fall asleep trying to evade the earlier sex vibes.

In a scenario ,where we all lived in 17th century England and rakes were ample and protection unheard of , this would have been a good measure. But even if we assume a 50 % chance of this hot man being HIV positive - you still have destroyed a perfect fantasy. This fantasy , is never going to play out. and where will we stop now ? Will Mono , skin rashes also find there way into our cynicism ? How far are we going to let planning ruin our lives ?

If we all wished for safety and comfortable happiness - then there would'nt be that desire to meet that alluring stranger , that we all find the time to look for. There would be no Mills and Boon perfect men , and there would be no love stories. For love at first sight to happen - you have to let that cynic in you die , and choose to get infected, cheated , heartbroken or worse kidnapped and raped. Romance has to come with not only heart -wringing but mental trauma as well. THE CYNIC MUST DIE !

Or else, we can live - unhappy , planned , safe lives . Living , in the knowledge that it is planned and thought out to be so .


sidspacewalker said...

so much cynicism yo ... why not relax ... chill marne ka .. :p
I guess you are a girl so its different though ...


you are right - we have a possibility of getting violated and infringed upon , so its different.
anyway, people with new relationships dont really understand cynicism now do they ?:P