Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beautiful Women - Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger is one of my favourite actresses. Not only is she an amazing actor - I find her pout one of the sexiest in the entire industry. I LOVE HER !
I am amazed by the flair with which she manags to pull off the characters she portrays on screen. Her sense of humour, knowledge of her craft and amazing personality make her someone like Meryl Streep in her generation. SHE IS AWESOME !!
I obsessively watch almost everything that has her in it. Here are my favourites :-

1.) Jerry Maguire : It takes a lot of guts to hold your own when all you have before this movie are uncredited guest appearances,and you are paired against Tom -Fucking-Cruise. I have a soft spot for this movie , and recently saw it three times in a row (which must have been atleast the 500th time iv seen the movie) and still managed to cry at all the five places i always cry.  She is funny , believable and endearing to watch . Love you Dorothy Boyd .Also , the makeout scene is amazing and my favourite on-screen kiss.(as has been mentioned a painful number of times on this blog)

"That's not a dress , thats an Audrey Hepburn movie."

2.) Cinderella Man : It takes guts to get a man like Russel Crose to call you amazing. She is brilliant as a mother and is , if not betterthen definitely as good as Russel in the movie. Her entire dialogue , about praying that her husband get injured enough to be forced to give up boxing is hilarious in the seriousness with which she says it. Again one of my favourite movies and an absolutely brilliant performance.

3.) Nurse Betty : This ones quirky. Its brillianly funny and Renee does not let the her titular role get bigger than herself. If you havn't seen this one , i suggest you watch it , if only to see Morgan Freeman fall in love with Zellweger

4.) Down with Love : There is something about the extremely innovative style in which this movie is shot that warms you to it. An extremely ordinary movie which i have seen atleast ten times. And no there is no amazing dialogue but lots of extremely funny reparte- its just the magic that Ewan Mcgregor and Zellweger bring to stage. Girls you must watch this movie. Zellweger is stunning in this one , and Ewan is true to his name - "Ladies' Man , Man's man Man about town."

5.) Bridget Jones : the book is good , but the movie is awesome. She is amazing as an overweight british girl and i love this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.Colin Firth has only been better paired with Jennifer Elle (The BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.) Zellweger is awesome as the believing clutz that she is in the movie.I ABSOLUTELY ADORE.

6.) Miss Potter : Watch this movie, if you ever wanted to be a writer. The dulcet tones of the film will warm you heart and only Zellweger could have managed to talk to rabbits and hares without seeming cuckoo to this jaded audience. Also , another movie where Mcgregor and Zellweger come together. I loved this one.

7.) Chicago : Now this is definitely not my least favourite infact it could be much higher up the list - but, it is where it is , because some of the others are so underrated. She kicks Zeta-Jones ass . She is the hottest jazz dancer i have ever seen.As Roxie Hart , she proved, not only is she talented but SE-XAYYY !!!

8.) Cold Mountain : BRILLIANT. does not deserve to be among last on the list, but i have a habbit of doing that to oscar winners. Also - JUDE LAW !!!

9.) Leatherheads : This ones really funny too. You have George Clooney (he directed it too.) Zellweger is awesome. I think she has a knack for playing period drama roles. Watch once - worth it .

I havn't really left anything :P so i guess, i really do love her.She is beautiful and i would love to see more of her in movies - i think she could kick Julia Roberts ass (who i agree is more traditionally pretty) but she is'nt given enough credit.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The FUCKING future , is not ours to see - and what will be , will be

There is a dog howling in the neighbourhood. I just spent the last three hours talking to a girlfriend about the uncertainty that our future holds - she said "Fuck you ! I am at the crossroads now , you still have a year !" - and I told her to fuck herself first, as she was done and over ,about to know her fate whereas i had just started the year of thinking everyday that i should have listened to my mother.

There is nothing more painful than that - we nodded  in loud , vehement , abusive agreement.

I don't feel like writing anymore - thoughts seldom come and when they do they are too frugal to be penned down. So i am going to write about my predicament - hoping , nay praying all the time , that it gives me clarity.

I will - hopefully at this time next year have a degree in English . I have often been made to feel very inadequate about the rather "vague" choice of a subject to study - but i never doubted my decision. I love my college and I love my course.Sadly , that is not enough (echoes , violent nightmarish howls of my mother's voice merge with the mournful cries of that darn dog ). Today ,  I am not even at a proper crossroad. I am nowhere , wishing somebody had hit me and told me to do what he thought i should do. I would rather have had my inner genius stifled than be under this burden of uncertainty that my parents willy decision to allow me the CHOICE to figure out where i am going . I really would. I wish my father and mother Had been abusive , slapped me , told me i was stupid - stupid enough not to know what exactly i want and sketch out what exactly they expected of me. Their - WE BELIEVE IN YOUS (specially my father's) have left me feeling not only inadequate , but foolish , self important and crushed under the burden of figuring out the fuck that my life is going to be with the soul responsibility to bear for it fucked-upness.

I want somebody to come and take control of my life . I am tired - tired of trying to figure out what i want. I am never ever going to know. I know that at least now. I wish , people who love me , would shake me into reason and tell me that they are exactly what i want and need. I don't want them to believe that i know best.This is not anti-feminist , nor is it suicidal. It is only a declaration of my soul peeling off and falling to the ground in this world where my better ambitions and the very popular notions i have of my capability (which trust me are wholly conjectured by those who most wish to see me fail or fall or succeed )  that are telling me to stop crying and take control. Take baby steps - my friend said to me , when i rattled my despair . TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT IT.

I think , this qualifies - as a cry for help. What i wouldn't give to go back to any of those moments when i knew exactly what i was doing and feel the way i felt . The feeling ,of knowing that there must be something right about you , that euphoria of fitting in your own expectations and that zeal to achieve not success but happiness is what i need. Hence , this cry for help is to myself - for none of you , in this whole wide world can help me. I must decide "never to yield ."

I want to write about people fighting off cancer, and other positive things - but i cannot bring myself to be motivated. All i know , that right now , i am motivated to beg God to not to think.
And remember , that first book of ROBINSON CRUSOE - and feel what i felt then , about stories and words and Crusoe himself. Destiny shall lend me my man Friday and there is no one who is going to take me away from him - not even , the cannibal spirit of despair and righteous self doubt.

The dog has miraculously stopped barking now - and i feel my body taking control - telling me to go and take a crap. I am at peace .

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some people are so smart.
My problem with this obvious , though painfully sudden realisation is - that most people around me are so painfully smart. God has made me un-smarter than then (i know i should write less smarter here , but i am not smart hence i will hold no pretensions to it.) without giving me really pretty eyes , some amazing talent or even uncommonly big boobs. All i have , is the ability to watch them do the smart dance and feel bad for myself - and id not have that , thank you very much.

I have also decided to name my daghter - Seriohza . It is from Anton Checkhov's AT HOME , and i love the name.

This is a random blog post. Another reverie -  don't meet your friends if your ex started dating someone new but you my girl are still single. Specially , when you are the only one they can bash up and have fun with . It will not end well for you.


I am home. Everything is dull and there is no fun and i miss you ramla wahab , asnah anver and ofcourse my darling farnaaz khan.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


There's something delicious about writing those first few words of a story. You can never quite tell where they will take you. Mine took me here, where I belong. *

There are things which will never come out right , or be said right , or even be about right things. But you must remember , that those things, when you first spell them into words , are yours - and will never be taken from you. Every word you choose to like and restore to your memory , of things , places and people with whom you never quite belonged is viciously yours and you will never able to disassociate yourself with it. Thank God for that. You in your words , written and spoken , jumbled , misspelt letters are truly going to fashion yourself as whatever you can be , or are . Them and your imagination , is all that will ever truly be yours.

* from Miss Potter - the movie , based on the life of children's book author - Beatrix Potter