Tuesday, August 23, 2011


1.) ET : Oh lord !! This movie is like a sob fest for me. But when ET gets up and says "ET going home !!" i actually cant breathe im crying so hard. That alien gets me all the time . Iv seen this movie n number of times but i still have horribily swollen eyes every time i watch it.

2.) TERMS OF ENDEARMENT : I called up my mother at 1 in the night the first time i saw this one. I strongly urge everyone to not see this movie, even though its an amazing film and one of my favourites because its just so darn sad .

3.) TITANIC : When Jack , that beautiful beautiful man falls frozen into the depths of the ocean the amount i cry is not funny. Titanic is an amazing movie , and i will always love it and nobody can stop me from loving this film.
4.) SAVING PRIVATE RYAN : Really ? Do we seriously need to see Tom Hanks die ? And that scene where the mother gets the three telegrams ? This is one movie i pause every time minutes and actually take double the time to watch it - EVERY FUCKING TIME.

5.) DEAD POETS' SOCIETY : When Robbie Williams is leaving and the boys all get up and stand on the desk to say "Oh Captain! My Captain!" Waterworks every fucking time i see it - even if i just catch that little scene of the movie.

6.) TAARE ZAMEEN PAR : the moments are uncountable the number of times iv cried in this movie. Every time Darsheel Safari is crying , im sitting and sobbing with him .

7.) CHANGELING : SHE NEVER FINDS HER KID !!! How can someone not cry in this movie ?

8.) LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL : He dies even though everybody else in his family lives !! Anyway movies about the Jewish Holocaust are ANYWAY ALWAYS so sad , but this one, lord! its a complete sob story.
9.) THE BLIND SIDE : When he says he's never had a bed, Bulluck isnt the only one crying !! I LOVE THIS MOVIE.


10.) MASOOM : have u seen Jugal Hansraj here ? You cry with him , all through the movie.

There are a lot of other movies where i am sitting and sobbing (And no i dont cry in all movies i dare anyone to say i do !!) but these are the first ten that came to my mind . I suggest, not to watch these movies at all - they make me very sad, but they are all brilliant movies !!

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