Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Its generally seen as a very disempowering state of mind. The corporate MBA -types of this world are going to tell you - never doubt, or atleast feign self-assurance. They don’t want doubters , they want self confident pricks who will convince the undecided swayable mob that the rest of us are into buying things, into supporting ideas because we all shun doubt , we want to be free of the constant bickering inside our head that tells us we are small people, smallness in its ugliest outgrowth , smallness that is going to keep us heaven gazing at larger bigger people with disdain. This doubt must be pushed into the inner crevices of your brain and be treated as an unhealthy aberration.

Every idea , was born out of a doubt . Doubters may as well be called thinkers. Even self- doubt would be good for us - we wouldn’t assume that we are just so important to live - we wouldn’t kill baby elephants and species of flowers won't be wiped out of existence. Doubt - is good. It holds that morbid fantasy we have to torture those weaker than us - it is necrophilia at its best. It needs to be bred- as a hobby , a certain taste must be developed for this poison - We could do without our trademark human attribute of cockiness. WE NEED TO DOUBT THE VERY IMPORTANCE OF WHATEVER THE HELL WE ARE DOING HERE. Life should not be burdened with useless self-assuring meaning , and we don’t need therapists to move us into happier places where “We BELIEVE”. Everything needs to be brought down to its existential bare minimum for it darn straight doesn’t matter and there is death and ugliness and sexual assault everywhere.

Why don’t you glorify your smallness then ? To be able to doubt , and live in that self destructive , debilitating self loathing that is going to make us what we all ultimately are - inconsequential creatures who have like the USA taken far more than they deserve and now must pay its price.

Bursts your happy helping balloon doesn’t it ? Describes your basal morbid quotient doesn’t it ? Are you going to tell me that I can do things , be strong and be powerful ? Will you ? In this world of inconsequentialities and blurred boundaries do me a favour and keep your certainties to yourself - I have to right to feel as small and minute as i am.

“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls

Its a mixed up, muddled up, shooked up world , except for Lola ” – The Kinks

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