Sunday, August 21, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy and Working Girl

I saw two amazing movies this weekend - Driving Miss Daisy and Working Girl. Its been good going back to the 80's .

Driving Miss Daisy - is BRILLIANT. I dont need to say it , because it won the Best Movie Oscar alongwith a couple of others. Morgan Freeman is brilliant as usual. Such an empowering clean movie about friendships , real friendships which dont necessarily ask you to change yourself but to do the best you can in your own capacity. It talks about the apartheid, about anti- semitism in the american society in such a toned down manner that you are indignant with history itself.

The most brilliant aspect of the movie is Miss Daisy. She is so adorable in her old school moderation and timidity. You will fall in love with her . How she battles old age , loneliness and a world changed around her makes up her brilliant character. The extreme positivity which she has adopted towards all changes in her life make her such a strong amazing female character. She is definitely one of my favourite women characters - so feminine , so honest and so strong. JESSICA TANDY IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!! Morgan Freeman too is amazing but tandy steals the show completely . Booley , Miss Daisy's son too is adorable .

My Rating : 9/10 - only because the dialogue is a little difficult to follow and you definitely need a very set of very very good headphones which i dont possess. MUST WATCH.

Working Girl - very different , but equally popular movie.Allows you to dream , find love and be beautiful in a very Pretty Woman fashion. A wholesome film - not the brilliance that the earlier reviewed movie is , but still a perfectly good film to watch.

Harrison Ford is extremely loveable as Jack Tanner and Melanie Griffith is very much that scared ambitious (but fortunately extremely good looking) girl that all of us have been at some time ,or for some time. Feel good kick start your journey into Women centric cinema

My Rating : 6.5/10 - Should watch , if only to feel a sense of positivity and the 80's innocence with garish hair makes it an adorable watch.


Arushi Garg said...

did you mean ANTI-semitism?


I dID !! there are other uses of the term too ?? i did not know.

i copied it from my notepad document here , maybe it was a typo. thank you for pointing it out , i shall edit it :))

p.s. you only comment when you wish to point out errors now, dont u garg ?