Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teenage Wasteland

Every once in a while, you are going to realize how worthless you really are. The things you JUST HAD to do which you prostituted for a random episode of some sitcom which you at this point are going to argue just does not matter.

You go through others words , and others diaries and others blogs finding people , descriptions , even lives you wanted to live at times.

There is a constant longing for things gone past , because you are done with wanting "new fun things" at the moment. You want the world to close in on you and seal you from knowing things you dont know.

Epiphanic while this moment may be - change is not what it will bring. You will release this sharp pointed arrow of cynicism into the blogosphere and one day your diary will be read by someone else - the peeping toms we . The voyeurist collective.

When the world is one osmotic process of every person's need for a secret permeation into others worlds , why do we crave originality , sincerity and difference? As SN would say "Because you are all so entrenched in capatalist vocabulary."

There is no need for abstraction anymore - I am grounded in my material base and the need to "define" my dilemmas comes straight out of my pseudo english student identity. Drat !
p.s. title - The extremely popular song by the band THE WHO


Arushi said...

A blog is hardly a secret permeation into someone else's world :)


oh i know you get my drift. :))
p.s. Be nice !