Sunday, December 18, 2011


If there ever was a truly brilliant actor never to get an Oscar and adequate media attention, it is Edward Norton. His movies have a refreshingquality about them , generally dark and disturbing but packing in them doses of trademark Norton humour. I haven’t seen a lot of his movies, despite making an effort to go through his entire filmography . A Norton movie cannot disappoint you. He will not disappoint you. His versatility , his good looks , his prowess as a method-actor make him one of Hollywood’s finest.
1.) PRIMAL FEAR : He debuted in this courtroom drama in 1996 with the established Richard Gere playing the suave , corrupt lawyer. The movie to a present day viewer will seem predictable but Norton marks his brilliance with his very first film. He was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor for this movie which he deserved to win in my opinion. Gere is thrown off balance by this 30 sumthing actor palying a 19 year old and pulling it off . Rating : 6.5/ 10
2.) EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU : Saw this one a long time ago and do not particularly remember anything extraordinary about this one. Only Norton shines through a hazy memory. Rating : 6/10 3.) AMERICAN HISTORY X : If you havn’t seen this movie you are clearly missing something. Norton in his revamped avtar is absolutely BRILLIANT. It cannot be stressed enough how much I like this movie. Poignant , different and you get to see Norton as a skinhead ! It must also be mentioned that he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for this one. Which he lost again much to my dismay. Rating : 10/10
4.) FIGHT CLUB :This one everyone has seen. Norton is brilliant and so is Brad Pitt. Pitt truly shines in this movie as being more than a pretty boy. Norton is brilliant as the nameless narrator and plays the conflicted , fragmented selves of his character with perfection. The movie has been his claim to fame and media attention. It is, I daresay better than the book . Rating : 9/10
5.) 25TH HOUR : One of my absolute favorite movies. It is depressing , and morbid and useless some people would say. It does not boast the psychological complexity as its predecessor did. The movie however, is sheer poetry. Nortons 10 minute long Fuck You speech is the most beautiful piece of dialogue iv ever come across. My personal favourite. It is a MUST WATCH. Rating : 11/10
6.) THE ITALIAN JOB : Ha ha , this ones funny. I love Norton as the villain and the movie will definitely enjoyed by anyone who sees it. Mark Wahlberg pales in comparison next to Norton but then everyone does . Rating : 6/10 7.) THE ILLUSIONIST: Beautiful and again sheer poetry. Credit must be given to the cinematographer but Norton is absolutely marvelous as the Illusionist. There are no paralles that can be drawn to Norton as the sensitive , romantic artist and the ending is just delightful. Recommended for Romantics. Rating : 7/10
8.) THE PAINTED VEIL : One of the best period dramas I have ever seen . Its absolutely brilliant and Naomi Watts perfectly complements the slightly awkward, very shy lover that Norton is. You will fall in love with his character in the course of the movie just as Watts. One of my favorites again and I think its better than the book and Greta Garbo original movie . Rating: 8/10 Norton is a remarkable celebrity to read about. He is forever at odds with his status and apparently commuted only via Subway. Thats saying something for a Superstar !! His dating history is FLAWED – He dated Courtney Love (same girl who Kurt Cobain knocked up)!!!!! He is one mt absolute favourite actors and as soon as im finished watching more of his movies I will definitely review them her e. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU , IF NOTHING WATCH AMERICAN HISTORY X and 25TH HOUR ! He is seriously much more than the INCREDIBLE HULK .

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This time i did not write anything after my Birthday. I didn't want the age to register i guess. Nothing special happened. There were no stories , no scandals, no momentous 'happenings' to record. It was a wholesome birthday - and who ever wants that ? I had decided - I will act with all the maturity my 21 years have allowed my body to percolate and enjoy everything that is done for me . I was excited - excited for the sole reason that it was my BIRTHDAY ; Somehow, somewhere that excitement worked its magic making people feel towards me , and i ended up having an amazing day. So there - you really do affect others around you. Your excitement can be infectious and make others love you for being so darn interested. I learnt something this year. A NEW year is around the corner - things will again be though of , resolutions made , life will be crappy all over again. I am at yet another 'deciding' phase in my life - Graduation is almost up. No , it wasn't as amazing as school was - it wasn't less either. it was just it and it will be missed. I want to now know where im going. Anymore. Life never takes me where i want to go and i end up being happy nevertheless. Who cares what i do right. Crap crap crap. Its all bullshit now.