Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This time i did not write anything after my Birthday. I didn't want the age to register i guess. Nothing special happened. There were no stories , no scandals, no momentous 'happenings' to record. It was a wholesome birthday - and who ever wants that ? I had decided - I will act with all the maturity my 21 years have allowed my body to percolate and enjoy everything that is done for me . I was excited - excited for the sole reason that it was my BIRTHDAY ; Somehow, somewhere that excitement worked its magic making people feel towards me , and i ended up having an amazing day. So there - you really do affect others around you. Your excitement can be infectious and make others love you for being so darn interested. I learnt something this year. A NEW year is around the corner - things will again be though of , resolutions made , life will be crappy all over again. I am at yet another 'deciding' phase in my life - Graduation is almost up. No , it wasn't as amazing as school was - it wasn't less either. it was just it and it will be missed. I want to now know where im going. Anymore. Life never takes me where i want to go and i end up being happy nevertheless. Who cares what i do right. Crap crap crap. Its all bullshit now.

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