Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friends Fall Apart.

Every new shift in location brings me to a reducing number of friends. I am older now , I cannot make friends as I earlier was able to. I don't even feel the need to now. I was wondering how many people I have lost to this war of spaces and time zones. How people change, how relationships mutate to cordial , how when every time you age you lose old connections , older feelings and a little part of your older convictions. This constantly changing charade of people whom I loved at some point shakes my very core. In this age of social media , they cannot even peacefully exist as memories preserved in old birthday cards and diary entries but rather one is forced to face daily with the newer versions of their old selves which are no longer palatable to the heart which yearns for the old. I have lost friends to cities and countries , to expensive telephone bills , to their respective boyfriends and girlfriends , to bad internet connections , to inconsistent holiday plans and even to different universities in the same city. I want to hold onto the old remnants of relationships if only for the sake of my time having meant something . So I block old friends whom I can no longer be friends with in life , I go offline to the same on Facebook , I delete their phone numbers , I refuse to pick up their calls ..... just for the sanity of memory. There is only so much a person in flux herself can take. Familiarity is a good emotion to feel. However , when that familiarity is replaced by cordiality a little part of my heart breaks and annihilates the person whom I must have once vehemently loved. There are gaps in my memory then and when I'm vulnerable a vestigial memory sears an old face onto the back of my eyes and I'm almost in an emotional coma trying to remember why this asshole today meant to me so much a couple of years back , or why I remember every birthday card this silly girl with bad grammar gave me when we were kids. Maybe I expect way too much and possibly people find it hard to live in my judgemental exacting world. Maybe I reminiscence way too much . I wish there could be a way to forget a person once they have moved out from your life. I wish there existed an emotional lobotomy. But then I will meet the few who have stayed and refused to be blotted out of memory. The ones I may meet once a year but whom I hold onto for dear life as it were. It would be better to not have so many only to have their lives spiral out of control and be in disjunction with mine . Or atleast , I wish there could have been an unalterable fight. The fights are what I miss in this ever changing vertigo of a world. It is better then to fall apart rather than to exist as a flimsy shining wrapper of camaraderie in my mind. Its the ones that go without a fight I think , I regret the most.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Favourite/Funniest DDLJ Moments

Ok , so I know that I should be more critical of the film which basically set the standard for almost every crappy romantic comedy made after its stupendous success , but I absolutely LOVE the movie . Shahrukh Khan has never looked better, the songs are lovely and some scenes are just so mis-calculatedly funny that they crack me up. So here goes , in no particular order several snapshots from the film . THE SONGS: 1.) Ho gaya hain tujhko to pyar : I love this song and I thought it was brilliantly shot as well. Plus , Shahrukh is really really hot in this song .
The song also has one of my favourite scenes in the movie :
2.) Ruk Ja : It is funny , however much we criticize SRK for his over the top style and for lack of any knowledge of his craft whatsoever , his hair , CAN DANCE !
3.) Zara sa jhoom lun main: Now this is where , we find all the fun quirks that have been circulating the industry for years. In an earlier Yash Raj movie- Chandini , the actress did not even know that Corniac was alcohol. Here in the new decade of 90s , Kajol does know of its existence , but obviously she is a 'ladki' 'jiske saamne sharaab nahin peete ladke.' However once the nice girl is drunk , the horny housewife comes out and she becomes everything women are supposed to be - reckless, materialistic and wanting S-E-X !!! Ofcourse , the guy , being an Indian ladka does not play the Indian ladki ka izzat but sleeps on the couch though ultimately he is also equally drunk. Hence the Indian nari , has learnt of the existence of Satan but through her innate Indian-ness she shuns its influence and is able to convert rich playboys into demure chai making husbands. Waah waah , what a tribute to the great Indian Woman.
4.) Ghar aaja Pardesi : We have been blaming the OTHER WEST for orientalising our image , but I think the Chopras deserve most of the credit for said image. Kis gaav main auraton ke paas itna time hota hain ki woh dupatta lekar perpetually bhaagti rahe ? I mean they have eliminated even the premise of a local festival to bring out the dancing chunris. The diaspora- Mogambo obviously feels the feminine pull of the dupattas and Dharti ma , while crushing an actual woman, his lovelorn daughter . Mazze.
5.) Tujhe Dekha : Though the premise of this song is to inculcate the sarson ke khet , all the day dreaming of the happy couple happens in Europe. This is the song , when you understand that the crazy ladies with their suits and the men with their shikar must be given up for a nice playboy with a lot of money whom you have obviously managed to attract. Nevertheless , the song with the fog machines and oh the obviously imported cow on whose poor neck SRK ties the token of love- the ghanta prove that love happens outside India. Matlab apni gaiya mata ko jab disown kar diya , to aur kya keh sakte hain.
6.) Mehendi laga ke rakhna : LO and BEHOLD !! The independent girl who wanted to see Europe , who turns into somebody freaking out about karva chauth , becomes the coy sexy bride leading the celebration song , duping everyone , making eyes at her beloved who is busy flirting with another girl while directing his repartee at her. Or so we believe. Here we also see that Daddy has a heart of gold under that tough exterior hence the hero will ultimatly convert Mogambo jo khush hojayega.
THE CHARACTERS To justify the moral goodness of the lead characters , obviously the side leads must be demonized. So , there you have a crazy shikari whose entire family is a gold digger , who punches SRK'S dad and therefore has no respect for the elderly. The crying BIJI whom you recognize at the first instant as that budhiya who will hasten the climax . The younger sister and mother , who obviously are completely happy to be uprooted from their environment as long as the elder sister can escape. They prove to be instrumental in establishing what a nice guy Raj is , as they too with their selfless moral selves are completely wowed by him . The girl's old man , that one tough cookie which will wait for the train to depart before it crumbles. He will obviously go through a change of heart a million times but ultimately decide that the guy he had pinned as good for nothing quite rightly is deserving of his daughter's hand in marriage despite the fact that he duped a million people.
The Great Indian Love Story: You take a strong girl , who is ultimately mere talk , who cannot really do anything. A guy needs to save her from cops , save her from herself and protect her virginity. She is nothing if not uptight , and all her crying before she is married for freedom will later convert into whines about sagai angoothies and karva chauth vrats. She will obviously win the hero , who is taken by the naivety and charm and 'indian-ness' . WHAT THE FUCK. Ofcourse , there are some immodest jokes , about bras , a drunken night , and the ultimate acceptance , ki a ladka 'continously doing gadbad' is better to have than to be on one's own.
THE TRAIN SCENES Such is the sick codependent character of this eternal love story , that she will latch onto that poor broken guy's arm with all her finery rather than take the three doors that she passes before that. Matlab aise sadistic human contact ka kya fayda ?
DESPITE everything I have said and more that I can say - ignoring my extremely puzzled reaction to the movie and its dynamics, I, nevertheless, LOVE IT .