Sunday, January 8, 2012


How do you ever get something? Is wanting it just about enough? I’ve read interviews of people I really admire, you know the famous people who get what they want and they always seem to be saying , that WANTING something gives you that fire , that drive which pushes you towards your goal. Now I want a lot of things. Some things, I’ve wanted for as long as 10 years. That should be sufficient wanting right? I should get this wanted object then technically. My question is – How the HELL do you sustain that feeling of want? How does that want not get lost among smaller innocuous wants which just have to be fulfilled? The path is crooked. It has potholes, is muddy and lined with warmer, cleaner, brightly lit places where I can rest and be perfectly happy for awhile. That is, till I’ve soaked up all the happiness that place had to offer. How do I ever get what I really want? How do I believe in the utmost importance and urgency of that want? What if that want was from the very beginning a surplus of my greed ? How do you reconcile your wanting with the distractions littering your path, trivializing your want at every second? Where will the wanting be reconciled with ever diminishing happiness? Death? And if you are going to die ultimately, wouldn’t it be better if you just soaked in all the small happiness, wavering , wandering never reaching ? I am confused now. I wanted to be positive- to find an answer to personal failure and all I’ve got is that I might just die dissatisfied. ‘And who’s to say , that we’re not good enough ? ’