Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How do you write years into words ? How do you make sure you hav'nt left anything out ? Answers you found, places that you visited , people who marked you ... How do you thank God for everything that just went pleasantly awry ? How do you describe the trajectory of things spiralling out of control in a beautiful pattern ? How will you make do when words and thoughts and the lack of novelty in your life has finally caught you at your most vulnerable ? Will you check spelling and look for grammatical errors ? Will you pause and re-read your life that you recorded ? Everything is tainted. The marring of life's hopes and dreams make a lovely design. Can you read it ? Where were you when you learnt you could ? You are a fragment - of not such an interesting piece of gossip. Your talk has no listeners. Your words no audience. You do not matter when you wanted to so bad. And then there are days - when everything explodes . It is cathartic. You realize there are no meanings and no realisations and pondering is a waste of time. Goodbye. I have nothing to say anymore.