Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Michael Cera

It is very difficult to explain the awesomeness of Michael Cera. His quirkiness makes him such a pleasure to watch and his awkward portrayals atleast in my opinion do lend a great deal of honesty to his characters. PLus ,I think he is cute. So here , I am putting my favourite Cera movies in a list as usual. 1.) Scott Pilgrim vs the World : Well firstly , this is such an awesome movie. One of the funniest , quirkiest and wittiest movies I have seen in a long time and an absolute pleasure for any comic book lover. Obviously due credit must be given to the original comic which is awesommmmmeeeee !! but the movie is very good as well. I think only Cera could have pulled off this role. I love. PLus i sort of have a crush on Mary Elizabeth (Ramona.) If you have'nt seen this movie , you are seriously missing something.
2.) Youth In Revolt : Ok this one is again absolutely hilarious . I love the french alter ego bit to bits. Cera is again awesome. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys takes on older movie forms .
3.) Juno : Ok this movie , is basically Ellen Page all the way , but Cera is so adorable in his role !! Obviously the movie is great and everyones seen it - but Cera as Bleeker deserves fair credit too.
4.) Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist : This one is adorable. Firstly , huge crush on Kat Dennings. Its such a soothing movie , that you cannot but like it.
5.) Superbad : This ones not too great , but very watcheable. Teenage stuff trademark.
For any Cera fan, infact for anyone who enjoys good television , ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT is a must watch. It the funniest show I have ever seen and though Cera is dwarfed by the amazing actors he is working with in the show, it is just such good television that I strongly beseech everyone to watch it.
He does similar kind of roles , but considering how young he is I believe he has a lot of potential. Plus his 'type' itself is so entertaining and refreshing that I particularly don't mind watching his movies with albeit repetitive characterisation. For the people who do give this a read , let me know if I have been able to convert you to Cera-ism.