Monday, October 7, 2013

I guess I should have been excited the way most of the other girls were, but I couldn't get myself to react. I felt very dull and very empty , the way the eye of a tornado must feel , moving dully along in the middle of the surrounding hullabaloo . The Bell Jar
There is a Sylvia Plath lurking in all of us. She may not be as brilliant as Plath was , but the nausea from all that is around us is common to all the Sylvias in all the Marys and Janes and Devikas of the world

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hunger and other appetites.

So basically I am addicted to the Food Network. Despite being a vegetarian , I spend hours watching Afghani methods to cook lamb , french methods to cook frog legs (ew by the way) and all other assorted ways to cook stuff that basically I will never eat. My father , is extremely curious to know WHY his very vegetarian daughter watches the Food network with the dedication of a master chef protege. Due to extreme boredom I shall now enumerate the two extremely important reasons why I watch the food network. 1.) The stuff they make even though I probably won't eat it nevertheless looks delicious on TV like this
(Ok I realize I posted pictures of only desserts , but well that is what ALL food looks like to me) 2.) The people cooking the food look like this -
So here the hottest chefs on TV. Enjoy , think about them making their food - it will be the best TV experience you shall ever have 1.) Marco Pierre White
Because everytime he says 'Service ' it means something to me. Seriously though , crazy bat eyed now , he is actually so British , it is funny. 2.) Jamie Oliver
This does not require any description. Everyone loves Jamie Oliver. 3.) Bobby Chinn
He is funny , and his ethnic blend is just too exotic to resist. 4.) Isaiah
Because this man could teach Johnny Freaking Depp how a fedora should be worn ! 5.) Aaron Craze :
Look at his eyes. I shall say no more. 6.) Nigella
Who does not want to sleep with Nigella ?? I could add more names here - like Jamie Lee Curtis , but these my friends are the real deal. Fuckable Food Creators.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bizarre Movies

So I just finished watching this movie called 'The Chocolate War' on MGM. Now it is obvious that I was attracted by the word chocolate as it is 2 in the night and I thought I was destined for yet another movie about growing up and mostly happy endings , hopefully with some great shots of some extremely appetizing chocolate. The movie, set in a Catholic all boys boarding school is so bizarre , it is brilliant. After doing my research on Google , I found out that it was actually a book as well. Needless to say, I am going to read the book. Boys in this high school must sell chocolates , to raise money for the school which is all that you expect a strict Catholic school to be. Run by fanatics , a little corrupt and very pompous. The school is called 'Trinity' which is a brilliant little piece of irony. A new comer to the school is given an 'assignment' by THE VIGILS - a group of high school seniors who control everything in the school - leading pranks to colluding with the fanatical brothers for the school. The assignments handed out are cruel and extremely Machiavellian. Archie , the vigil is the brain behind the group which holds inquisitions and the assignments attack a person's psychology. So Renault is assigned to refuse the chocolates as a method to create intrigue. However , Renault soon continues to refuse chocolates out of his own free will - refusing to be part "of their game." After a lot of extremely interesting developments , the chocolate sale is a success and Archie designs yet another assignment to punish Renault. However , the other vigils have a bone to pick with Archie - eventually , everyone loses except mediocrity. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would recommend the film with all my heart. The camerawork is so good I could not believe it was an 80s movie made on a small budget . The dramatic montages which try to encapsulate Renault's mental processes are a treat to watch. Archie too, is wonderful to watch. It is very Fountainhead how the Tooheys all win and the Roarks lose. I mean , thats how I would have liked Fountainhead to end. Such good television !!Totally made my day !

Thursday, May 9, 2013


It has been months since I last posted . I am sorry , if anyone still reads this blog , but it seems much hasn't happened to me . Something must be worth writing about before it can be written about right ? My sister got married . It feels weird , and I don't think I have come to terms with it but she has. Sorry blog. I hate to disappoint you so. But nothing that I have done is worth writing about and I am trying to learn not to ramble. Waiting for lightning to strike .