Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bizarre Movies

So I just finished watching this movie called 'The Chocolate War' on MGM. Now it is obvious that I was attracted by the word chocolate as it is 2 in the night and I thought I was destined for yet another movie about growing up and mostly happy endings , hopefully with some great shots of some extremely appetizing chocolate. The movie, set in a Catholic all boys boarding school is so bizarre , it is brilliant. After doing my research on Google , I found out that it was actually a book as well. Needless to say, I am going to read the book. Boys in this high school must sell chocolates , to raise money for the school which is all that you expect a strict Catholic school to be. Run by fanatics , a little corrupt and very pompous. The school is called 'Trinity' which is a brilliant little piece of irony. A new comer to the school is given an 'assignment' by THE VIGILS - a group of high school seniors who control everything in the school - leading pranks to colluding with the fanatical brothers for the school. The assignments handed out are cruel and extremely Machiavellian. Archie , the vigil is the brain behind the group which holds inquisitions and the assignments attack a person's psychology. So Renault is assigned to refuse the chocolates as a method to create intrigue. However , Renault soon continues to refuse chocolates out of his own free will - refusing to be part "of their game." After a lot of extremely interesting developments , the chocolate sale is a success and Archie designs yet another assignment to punish Renault. However , the other vigils have a bone to pick with Archie - eventually , everyone loses except mediocrity. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would recommend the film with all my heart. The camerawork is so good I could not believe it was an 80s movie made on a small budget . The dramatic montages which try to encapsulate Renault's mental processes are a treat to watch. Archie too, is wonderful to watch. It is very Fountainhead how the Tooheys all win and the Roarks lose. I mean , thats how I would have liked Fountainhead to end. Such good television !!Totally made my day !

Thursday, May 9, 2013


It has been months since I last posted . I am sorry , if anyone still reads this blog , but it seems much hasn't happened to me . Something must be worth writing about before it can be written about right ? My sister got married . It feels weird , and I don't think I have come to terms with it but she has. Sorry blog. I hate to disappoint you so. But nothing that I have done is worth writing about and I am trying to learn not to ramble. Waiting for lightning to strike .