Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hunger and other appetites.

So basically I am addicted to the Food Network. Despite being a vegetarian , I spend hours watching Afghani methods to cook lamb , french methods to cook frog legs (ew by the way) and all other assorted ways to cook stuff that basically I will never eat. My father , is extremely curious to know WHY his very vegetarian daughter watches the Food network with the dedication of a master chef protege. Due to extreme boredom I shall now enumerate the two extremely important reasons why I watch the food network. 1.) The stuff they make even though I probably won't eat it nevertheless looks delicious on TV like this
(Ok I realize I posted pictures of only desserts , but well that is what ALL food looks like to me) 2.) The people cooking the food look like this -
So here the hottest chefs on TV. Enjoy , think about them making their food - it will be the best TV experience you shall ever have 1.) Marco Pierre White
Because everytime he says 'Service ' it means something to me. Seriously though , crazy bat eyed now , he is actually so British , it is funny. 2.) Jamie Oliver
This does not require any description. Everyone loves Jamie Oliver. 3.) Bobby Chinn
He is funny , and his ethnic blend is just too exotic to resist. 4.) Isaiah
Because this man could teach Johnny Freaking Depp how a fedora should be worn ! 5.) Aaron Craze :
Look at his eyes. I shall say no more. 6.) Nigella
Who does not want to sleep with Nigella ?? I could add more names here - like Jamie Lee Curtis , but these my friends are the real deal. Fuckable Food Creators.

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