Friday, January 3, 2014

Fade ins and burn outs

I would like to know how to feel constantly and unchangingly and everlastingly.

I want the freedom to change my mind but I so hope for that state of affairs which never requires such a change.

It is exhausting work constantly changing and evolving and reverting back. Leaps of faith should come easier and belief systems should be rewarded.

To love and never stop loving and to never ever fade or ebb. I yearn for comfort free from boredom.

I need to want less and live more. I could do with some peace and some mental quiet.


Sanjukta said...

I am starting to believe that mental quiet is a myth..but I hope you find it.

New year, new hopes :) Happy New Year!


Happy ew year to you too sanjukta !! Are yiu back ?

sidspacewalker said...

mmm, this tastes like a poem to me.
Very poignant. Solid and full of inertia, just like the idea it conveys of resistance to change.


Thank you :))


Last night I was thinking of an interesting story that I would write contemplating the minutae between 'Fading in' and 'Burning out.'

I was almost inspired for a moment. I thought, I have something profound and interesting to say after such a long time.

It seems almost as if web destiny has intervened making me discover this blog post. A guy left a comment on my blog which made me come and just review what else I had posted before that.

I am so sad that my midnight stroke of inspiration is just a regurgitation of already spelt out ideas. I had something so good to say but I cannot believe I have already written something (however inane my present self might call my past effort) about the idea.

I truly am at an end.