Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Hue and Cry against Feminism

I don't understand why women are undermining all the good work that Feminists have tried to accomplish over centuries.

Thanks Deepika ! For making women sound shallow and pseudo and making a pseudo-feminist ad like a shampoo commercial.


sidspacewalker said...

The whole ‪"‎MyChoice"‬ thing was weird. Ofcourse its your choice. Shouldn't the point be that the consequences to your choice should be fair and not unfair and oppressive? Using the idea of "Choice" to drive this campaign, only gives rise to the counter (and equally misplaced) argument of ... okay, its your choice to do A,B,C... in response to that its my choice to do X,Y,Z no matter how wrong or right X,Y,Z maybe.


I don't think the problem in India at least has to do so much with her aggrandizing account and celebration of 'choice' as it were - because there are many women in India still who do not think that anything is their choice. I have problems with her representation.Even the point about adultery that she made was problematic - while it is obviously your choice if you want to have an open engaging sexual relationship but you have to specify that my choice to be sexually free does not place any constraints on my partner's sexual freedom. Then it's cool.

I don't think the choice debate is the correct one. Women are still fighting the 'no means no' battle. A man's choices pertaining to a woman have greater ability to harm/affect women than a woman's choice necessarily does.

I agree with what you are saying - in short.