Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to learn to DEAL.

1.) If someone tries to say nasty things to you say something back. It is quite possible you won't be able to say everything you want but try nonetheless. If you use bad words and bad sentiments it will initiate a solid acid reflux in your stomach.

2.) Now that your stomach lining is partially destroyed, wait for the instigator to reply to your email and use your angry words to justify why  she was right about how much you suck. You are obviously roiling in misery by now because you don't do well in fights no matter how much you try. So write a decent, heartfelt email and try to just say that all conversation should end between the two of you if only to preserve your individual sanity.

3.) The instigator will hopefully read your email and at least ignore you if not completely forgive you.  If the instigator writes back again without reading what you wrote and continues to be malicious then learn that this is not so important anymore. You just take a couple of deep breaths and employ the principle of avoidance. I call this is the Batman-Joker standoff. Remember what the Joker says about his never ending struggle with Batman ? One is incorruptible and indestructible while the other is just a streak of insane intensity.  Nothing will come of this - there will be no resolution here and you do not have to save Gotham (unlike Batman) hence you can let the Joker play his ploy out.

4.)  Try to talk about this to your common friends. They are probably very tired of this just as you are because something keeps happening all the time. So think about talking to them but ultimately don't talk to them - it will make you feel in control of the situation.

5.) Don't take it so much to heart. You have to learn at some point that not everyone you feel warmly towards will feel the same towards you. Just let people be.

6.)  Form a mental revenge plan nonetheless. Have a plan incase your magnanimous and humane endeavor to ignore and avoid does not work.

7.) Be more careful next time with the kind of people you associate with. Sometimes it is better to let people think what they want to think about you rather than make attempts to change it. If they don't know you yet they probably won't ever will.

8.) Imagine an Old Testament form of God's wrath falling on this instigator. Imagine it in gory detail for two minutes because you are right. Then pray to God that  this never happens because you are ultimately a pussy who can't wish people ill. This is why people shit on you - curb this impulse till it becomes manageable.

9.) You want to hold onto morality and a certain code of righteousness. You know you said your piece-  accept your human incapacity to influence how others think. This is a perfect example of two different problems of Existentialism. While you do employ human potential to the fullest (in that you make the effort to write about how you feel and sort things out) it is ultimately thwarted by the arbitrariness of existence (the fact that the instigator does not wish to read what you wrote and insults you for making the effort ) .

10.) Make a list of this process and remember all the other people who love you so much and just for the person you are. At least for now. Maybe some day what the instigator says will come true - no one will love you. Hopefully by that day you would have learnt to love yourself enough that others don't matter so much.


Understand that the instigator is a fucking bitch who did not deserve you ever and she is on that downward spiral which will ultimately lead to her ruination.

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