Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Little Victories : The Mom Bun

Most people outside self involved American sitcoms and self actualized Woody Allen film tropes truly do think their mothers are beautiful. So while you read this, seemingly indulging my platitude about my mother's beauty, let me reiterate the Beyonce levels of goddess-ness/goddess-ity (insert the cooler incorrect sounding word here) that my mother legit represents. She is a veritable force of nature and so beautiful that at 60 she looks better than I can hope to ever look in my life - and not just because I am fat.

Here are some samples of some badly scanned images

My one very specific fascination with my mother's routine was the way she would twist her gorgeous, luxuriant perfect hair into a bun while going about life. She still does it. It wasn't elaborate, it would take her all of two seconds and if I would tell her about how I have coveted that kind of innocuous femininity, she would laugh me out of the room. But crave the sophistication I did.

Today was a mediocre day and I was sitting ripping the split ends I could see in my hair out of boredom. This is a habit now - I do it all the time when I am alone (which I am 99.9 % of the time). As I am also OCD about cleanliness and everyone knows there is nothing grosser than hair, I collect the ripped out strands and then meticulously throw them into the dustbin outside my apartment. While doing this as I do several times  a day, I tried randomly to twist my hair into my mother's bun - and lo and behold I managed to do it ! My hair is curly and my forehead is filled with wiry, angry looking baby hair that make my face look angry and tired instead of the sophistication, but fuck all of that - I have achieved the bun of my dreams !! My day is made and such is the nostalgia induced that I had to come and write it all because I love you Mummy so goddamned much.  I am a fucking lady today !

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