Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Kiss me now that I'm older
I won't try to control you
Friday nights have been lonely
Take it slow but don't warn me " - 12:51/The Strokes.



ਅ.ਪ.ਸ. said...

"I'm going back to 505
If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive
In my imagination you're waiting, lying on your side
With your hands between your thighs, and a smile!" - 505/Arctic Monkeys

A song for a song leaves the entire world a musical.


Photogenic Devil said...

Atleast your sensibilities are not offe nded this time around by my taste in music. Also, I do the same thing with hashtags.

The strokes are coming up with a new album did you know ?

ਅ.ਪ.ਸ. said...

Eh..They're okay, I guess. It's kind of "hard to explain".

New Strokes album? Exactly what I need in my life, more disappointments.

Photogenic Devil said...

I know what you mean - their last album was so bad. But I was quite happy with a few songs from the new libertines album so I have hope. Arctic is also supposed to come out with a new album soon.
I'm all agog to see what Alex Turner does with his hair now.

ਅ.ਪ.ਸ. said...

You made me look. Hope you are happy now.

Photogenic Devil said...